Link Love: Hello, Sketchnote Army!

Sketchnote Army Se09 Ep02

We here at The Desk may not have our own podcast but we seem to “get around” quite a bit. This week, Mike Rohde over at Sketchnote Army released his new episode where he and I talk about all sorts of things. I am a huge fan of Mike’s Sketchnoting process and getting a chance to talk to him again was a true honor.

(Note: Don’t panic about the photo Mike posted. We joked that I have no idea where he found the photo but at present, my hair is as pink as it’s ever been with a couple inches of dreaded quarantine roots.)

In the links this week, there is Star Wars, Giant Cats and some beautiful inks. The highlights from the USPS quarterly report are eye-openeing:

…Postal Service’s sales from Shipping and Packages increased by approximately $2.8 billion, or 42.1 percent, on a volume increase of 435 million pieces, or 25.0 percent, compared to the same quarter last year, as a result of the record holiday Shipping and Package volumes impacted by the surge in e-commerce associated with the COVID-19 pandemic…

Hope you are having a good week!




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