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I always love trying new paper so when Ana presented me with The Endless Recorder to try, I was thrilled. The Endless Recorder (€18.14 or $21.96) is a journal designed in Madrasa and manufactured in India. It is an A5 hard-bound journal, with a leatherette cover available in Deep Ocean (Blue), Infinite Space (Grey), Crimson Sky (Red) or Forest Canopy (Green) and measures 5.5 x 8.25″ (21 x 14 cm).

Then end pages are ivory and include a nameplate page up front and an expandable pocket in the back. A turquoise ribbon bookmark and elastic band help you keep your place and hold the notebook closed.

The journal includes 2 pages up front for a Table of Contents and the remainder of the 192 pages are white square grid (0.5 x 0.5 cm squares). The notebook includes 187 numbered pages and 16 perforated sheets. And the main draw of the notebook (least to me) is that the pages themselves are acid-free 68 GSM Tomoe River promising “zero bleed-through and feathering.”

So let’s dig into this paper!

Normally my only problem with Tomoe River is how thin is it. I dislike it when my writing shows through the other side of the page; I find it distracting to read and write on the next page. This paper doesn’t do that! There is a nice level of shading in the inks I used and true to claim, no bleeding or feathering. Now if only it were available in dot grid?

PS – So the photos tell a different story huh? When I look at the page I see very little of the writing through but in the photos it’s more visible!

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  1. Hi
    They do make it in dot grid.
    I wanted to like it so much but I find that any ink takes too long to dry on that paper (literally days!) and I end up smudging it all over the page…
    Have a nice day

    1. Exactly what I came here to say. I used this journal for my 2020 Bullet Journals (I keep separate ones for work and personal), and I think the Tomoe River paper would be great for letter, but doesn’t make a great journal, mostly because of the dry-time, but also because I sometimes use pretty fat pens and the show-through can sometimes be an issue.

  2. Lochby’s refills use the same paper. They have a field journal refill that comes in dotgrid, though it only has 72 pages. I’d check them out if you haven’t. They make good stuff.

  3. I have one with dots – it checks all the boxes in terms of numbered pages, table of contents, back pocket, TR paper… I wish it lay flatter, though. The softer binding of the Taroko Breeze behaves a little better for me in that regard.

  4. I just wanted to say that I’m so happy I stumbled across this site – I LOVE pens and paper and all the obscure details about them, and its really nice to see a site literally devoted to that LOL. I look forward to reading more reviews!

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