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We are featuring an Instagram pic from @neilhimself (aka Neil Gaiman). If this image comes up as an empty box, you owe it to yourself to go over to Instagram right this second and follow him. 1. Because he writes delightful books full of wonder and 2. because he occasionally waxes poetic about pens. I’ll wait for you to come back…..

So, now that you can see the delightful photo from Neil Himself (and I’m sure you read the caption too) can we all just delight in the amazing wrapping paper that Choosing & Keeping uses? It is a true treat to order delectable new inks and paper and have them wrapped like gifts to yourself. I recommend we all order from Choosing & Keeping or from anyone else who makes sure that each parcel is a true gift.

Treat yourself today. You deserve it.




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  1. Really appreciate the link to the Hernandez Bros talk. Also found a reading order list for the Love and Rockets series. Thanks!

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