Ink Review: ColorVerse Season 7 Full Line

Many people have probably heard about the newest Season 7 inks from ColorVerse; six sets of inks that have been expected for the last month or so. Eye On The Universe was released last week and quickly sold out at many retailers; I was able to purchase three sets from Vanness and the other three from Pen Chalet.

Trying to photograph all six boxes was just too much for my small light box setup. Above is a photo of the top of all six boxes (showing the large bottle color) and below is the side view of all six boxes (showing the small bottle color). Season 7 consists of numbers 82-93.

First, to review the warnings with these inks, especially the third. Store out of reach of children. Do not eat.

Please, don’t eat your children.

With that addressed, here are #82 Hubble and #83, HST.#82 is very similar to Pilot Bishamoten but heavier gold sheen. HST is a close match to Van Dieman’s Hailstorm – a dusty dark green.

#84 SM1 is close to KWZ Baltic Memories but includes a heavy matte red sheen while #85 Costar is a unique brown-gray close to Montblanc’s Elixir Wood & Tobacco scented ink.

#86 eXtreme Deep Field has a matte pinkish sheen with a base color near Diamine’s Smoke on the Water. #87 NGC 1850 has a base color nearly identical to ColorVerse #63 Map of Mars but includes red sheen and green and gold glitter. I compared it to Emerald of Chivor here but NGC contains more glitter and sheen.

I predict that #88 Pillars of Creation and #89 Mystic Mountain will be by far the most popular in this season. Pillars is a bright red leaning purple that contains a massive amount of green sheen (although oddly enough it shows as a gold sheen on Cosmo Air Light paper) while Mystic Mountain a beautiful dusky blue with pink shimmer.

Just to answer the question that everyone is thinking, here is Pillars next to Lamy Dark Lilac. Pillars is a touch more blue and the sheen is green rather than the gold of Dark Lilac. Personally, I think purple and green are the better way to go!

#90 Crab Nebula and #91 Horsehead Nebula will, I think, be the second in popularity in this lineup. Crab Nebula is a forest green with a matte purple-black sheen, close to Pilot Hoteison while Horsehead Nebula is a medium rose with slightly understated silver or multicolor sparkle. it is close to ColorVerse #52 Anita but darker.

Last in the series is #92 Hippocamp and #93 Comet SL9. This set is the most understated set in Season 7 but still beautiful. Hippocamp is a bright medium to light blue close to Sailor Konagi while SL9 is close to ColorVerse Brunch Date but with more orange.

To summarize the whole Season 7 lineup, here are all 12 inks together, this time sorted by color rather than number. SM1 and eXtreme Deep Field are very close in color, but SM1 has a shiny red sheen while eXtreme Deep Field has a matte pink sheen. The base color on Crab Nebula is similar to HST but Crab is much darker and contains more yellow.

I know today’s review is not a deep dive into any of these inks – that will come soon. Hopefully this helps when looking to choose which ink(s) to purchase. Around here, we don’t judge if you find yourself caving into all twelve!

  • Swatch Cards: Col-o-ring cards (100 for $10)
  • Ink: ColorVerse Season 7 Eye on the Universe ($36 for set of two inks, 65mL + 15mL)

DISCLAIMER:  The inks in this review were all purchased by me. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. Thank you for showing the inks. I was hanging out for somebody to do a review.
    I might now be coming closer to a decision.
    I am wondering if Pillars of Creation come close to : Vinta – Harlequin-Bodabil
    Diamine – Wintermiracle
    Ink Studio – #653 /# 931. or
    Shikiori -Okuyama ???

  2. thx for the review, but Hey — what’s going on with that Émeraude de Chivor? I’ve never had it appear as consistently-cyan as it is in your sample swab here, even if I try. In all of my experience it’s always displayed some pretty substantial shimmer & sheen, much more in line with the Colorverse NGC 1850… so that’s weird…
    That said, thanks for the review 😀

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