Link Love: Cat(ch)-22 Edition

Droid stampsFirst, the USPS Droids stamps are out and available. When Bob picked up some at the local post office, the woman behind the counter said “these seem to be very popular”. Duh. These ARE the Droids we’re looking for.

This week, we had so many delightful cat links, our favorite pet gets its own cat-egory. Oh, the puns!

On a more serious note, Parka Blogs linked to an artist discussing why Instagram is not good for artists. I think her sentiments ring true for all creators not just artists but also musicians, illustrators, designers and even small makers. She delves into the issues that have been created as a result of the algorithms put into place by Facebook that makes it necessary for anyone who wants to be seen on Instagram to have to post repeatedly and create Reels and Stories in order to be bumped up in the viewing algorithm. All this creates exponentially more work for creators just to be seen in the cacophony of noise the Instagram perpetuates. This work to create eye catching posts, reels, and stories and post them daily takes away from the time they could be creating new work.

This “endless hamster wheel of posting” issue doesn’t even delve into the issues Instagram creates in viewers. Instagram presents an endless stream of products to purchase and people with whom to compare ourselves. We all know that social media presents a curated “perfect world” life of those who post but it doesn’t make it any easier for our ape brains that only see the things we are not, don’t have, haven’t accomplished or don’t look like.

This Instagram hamster wheel is something I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately. I was tired of being bombarded with moving images every time I “checked in”. I considered deleting the app completely until Laura reminded me I would be unable to post without it. The sad truth is that for many small creators, Instagram is still one of the key channels to reach potential clients, customers or readers. Instagram, at present, is the Catch-22 of the digital world right now. You can’t live with it, but you live survive without it either.




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