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What are the odds that a post about a book about patents would show the page featuring the 1930s patent drawing from Parker Pens? On my planet, always. What I wouldn’t have expected is that the patent was filed by Kenneth Parker. Did he actually design the pen or did someone on his staff? I wonder if there’s more info in the book about it? Do you wonder about this kind of stuff too?

Patented: 1,000 Design Patents by Thomas Rinaldi (Phaidon). Fountain Pen, Kenneth S. Parker, for the Parker Pen Company, (1929/1930) (left); Cash Register, Bernie M. Shipley, for the National Cash Register Company (1929/1930) (right)




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  1. Thanks for linking to the Postman’s Knock article – I’ve been sort of wanting a prettier glass pen than my servicable Moonman but didn’t know what to buy – when I saw theirs have 0.8mm tips I was there for it! I hate skinny nibs of all types! Can’t wait to see what it’s like.

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