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Even in these unprecedented times, there are some things that remain constant like scorching heat and humidity in June in the Midwest followed by a rain storm that brings much needed relief. With this milder, warm weather everyone wants to be outside at the pool, by the grill or on the patio with a cold drink in their hands and I am no exception. It makes me envy school-age kids who are spending the summer trying to figure out how to fill their time while we adults must figure out how to carve out a few minutes of time to relax and enjoy this time.

But isn’t “carving out time” why we pursue this hobby? We evaluate planning systems to maximize our time so we can fit it all in — the work AND the play. We want our analog tools because they help us slow down, get off the computer and reflect.

I hope that all of you are able to take some time this week to enjoy your time — whether that’s sitting outside and listening to wind blow through the trees or spending an evening watching your favorite movie in the cool dark. I was reminded this week (Thanks, Anthropecene Reviewed) that we are on this earth for a mere blink of eye. We should probably enjoy it, see everything we can and embrace the best moments.

Also, we can decode some postage stamps, consider a specialty nib or nib grind, try some inks, and even watch Patrick Stewart on Sesame Street.

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  1. Hello!
    The message isn’t a code, it’s a typeface – you just need to look at it a little closer!

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