First Look: Sailor Pro Gear Slim Sound of Rain, Spring Rain

I’m generally pretty happy with my collection of fountain pens. Truly, I have more than I need since I can only write with one at a time and I’m at the point where adding to the collection usually means I vote one off the island. The pandemic has also been a good time to explore those frenzied moments at pen shows, FOMO, and making intentional choices about what I purchase. Unlike many, I don’t have a holy grail pen I’m working up to. I have dreams of one day owning a Nakaya, but I haven’t played with enough of them to even know what model, what finish or anything like that.

I am almost exclusively a modern pen collector. While I do love the look of the Parker Vacumatics and of course I have an Esterbrook from Jessie, the remainder of my collection is modern. I love the modern acrylics and I have quite a few demonstrators. I was discussing with someone recently that I love the look of7 the Aurora 88 Demonstrator, and I do believe Aurora’s are fine quality pens, but that I can’t wrap my head around spending $700-900 on a plastic demonstrator.

So I realize that it is entirely illogical that when I saw the Sailor Sound of Rain series I plunked my money down on a pre-order. When I got the email, I absolutely could not decide which one I wanted. They are each so gorgeous in their own right. If I had enough money, I know I’d just buy all four and not make myself choose.

I selected the Spring Rain. Sound of Rain is offered only in the Pro Gear Slim model, which happens to be my favorite. The barrels are matte finish, and two in the series are translucent while the other two are opaque. All have gold hardware, and a 21k gold bi-color nib. Nibs are only available in MF, which suits me just fine.

L to R: Spring Rain, Purple Cosmos

I haven’t had a chance to play with the pen too much; it just arrived on Friday. But it writes super smoothly – gotta love those Sailor nibs. Since Spring Rain is a mint green with purple finials I tried for a complementary ink and ended up with J. Herbin’s Violet Pensees. I also think something with a bit of iridescence or sheen would be fun to play on the light on droplets of water theme.

So now I need to vote someone off the island, and zip up my wallet tight. Until the next Sailor special edition that catches my eye?

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  1. OMG, now you’ve sparked FOMO in me, too! I’ve got to have a couple of these pens. OK; at least one, anyway. My favorite is the one you’ve chosen; 2nd fave is the other translucent one. Their colors are so delicate and pretty, and they’re some of my favorites. Great review!

  2. Hi Laura, nice choice of the 4 offered.

    How do you manage to get rid of a pen? I’d feel guilty. I’m not sure I could do that. Did you ever feel that way?

  3. Love it, Laura! This one is next on my list! I also love the whole series and would get them all if I could! (Which is not usually the case for me – I.E. the drinks series didn’t grab me) But this one, as soon as I saw it, knew it must be mine!

  4. No fall rain? November rain? Autumn babies get Drizzle? (Don’t get me wrong, I like Drizzle, just wish it had a more seasonal name.)

  5. I started out with the same one; said it would be the only. Then, well, I had to have Summer Rain, too. Couple days later I bought the two remaining models. Why did I ever believe I wouldn’t get the whole set? It was a splurge but I have no regret! They are so beautiful.

  6. I first saw Spring Rain on an Inky Rocks video. The violet with the mint green and the matte finish, well, I had never seen anything like that before. I wrestled and wrestled with buying it because I have never in my life spent $300 for one pen. And I never had a Sailor, and I did not know if I might be disappointed the way I as with the Conklin Duragraph. But I tell you, I fell in love with those colors, I was thinking about it all the time. It was not available in the US and I was wary of sending that much money overseas. But when Jet Pens said they had it, well, I pressed “buy” —Today, I just inked it up for the first time. And I absolutely love it.

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