Link Love: Don’t Believe the Cat (Photo)

This week brings us FAKE cat photos (Really? Do we need fake cat photos? If the world is seriously lacking in cat photos, I can certainly start posting more photos of the Cats That Run The Desk but honestly I thought we’d reached cat-capacity on the internet… but no. Now we have FAKE CAT NEWS! What is the world coming to?), lots of BENU pens, Van Diemans inks and news from the London Pen Show.  Ooh, yeah, and the Tokyo Olympics. That’s happening too. I watched badminton, table tennis and surfing last night. Are you watching the Olympics?


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  1. This is off topic, but I wanted to share this. I used the link to Karas Kustoms through The Well Appointed Desk.

    I was looking to get a 1.1mm stub nib for my Apollo 11 Starliner. NASA will be doing an unmanned test of the Boeing Starliner craft to the International Space Station. I thought the one thing that would make me happier with my Starliner would be my favorite nib.

    I saw The Bottom Shelf in the drop down menu, so checked it out. I added a blue-brown Bolt V2 to the order. The Well Appointed Desk code saved $7.50. I used to want a brown Bolt, but the color disappeared.

    So The Well Appointed Desk saved me $7.50, and clicking to Karas Kustoms through The Desk helped The Desk somehow. A win for us both!

    The two tone Bolt is $50 vs $75 for single color Bolt pens. And the coupon code from The Desk worked on the special priced Bolt.

  2. Thank you Ana. I hope you are doing well. Virtual Pen Club just isn’t the same. Plus, lots of members do not participate.

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