Paper Review: Lennon Toolbar Egret Paper

Today I have another new paper to show – Egret 65gsm paper from Lennon Toolbar.

I purchased a pack of Egret paper (A5, 80 sheets for $10) from Alex at Shigure Inks several weeks ago and have only now been able to post a review. Shigure is sold out of this paper at the moment, but make sure to sign up for a restock notification so you can grab a pack!

Lennon Toolbar is only known to me as an ink company so far, and I was very curious to test their paper. Any company that loves ink should make paper that is great for that ink. Egret paper comes in two sizes – A5 and A4. The 80 sheets of loose-leaf paper are packaged in a cardstock-weight envelope.

The packaging is minimal – perfect for protecting the pages though.

Egret paper is the same tone as the Tomoe River paper from Sakae (the top notebook in the pile below) and slightly whiter than Cosmo Air Light paper (the notebook on the bottom is CAL from Musubi).

The paper itself has a very interesting texture. Egret paper is toothy – it slows down the pen stroke when writing. I would compare it to how a microfiber cleaning cloth seems to grip your hand if you brush it.

Egret paper also feels rather soft – somewhat like an old cotton t-shirt.

Here’s the reverse side of the same page:

Due to the toothy feel when writing, shading is amazing on this paper and dry times are faster than usual.

The paper also shows off sparkly ink beautifully.

The toothy texture does have one downside – when writing too quickly, some nibs may not keep up.

Strangely, with each of these tests, I didn’t specifically test for sheen!  I did go back and add a sheen test at the bottom of the page, using Bungubox Sweet Love Pink. This ink sheens on most paper but not all. I added 5 drops of ink to the paper, spread it out a bit, and allowed it to dry. So, Will It Sheen?

The only sheen was a thin halo around the ink blob.

As a side note, the ink can be seen on the reverse side of the page, but absolutely no ink bled through.

Lennon Tool Bar Egret 65g – A5 Blank 80 Sheets

DISCLAIMER: I purchased this item with my own money. Please see the About page for more details.

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