Yarn + Ink: A Case of the Mondays

We took a poll and we’d all rather be back in bed with the covers over our heads this Monday. So I give you one of my favorite knits: a blanket that I made in honor of our wedding that’s on our bed every night!

The Pattern: Paintbox Log Cabin Blanket by Katherine Keyes

The Yarn: Noro Kureyon in 19 different colors (the 20th blanket square is bits and bobs of all the other colors!)

The Inks:

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  1. Laura,

    What a Goldilocks blanket: it’s just right. It’s not at all garish, but it is welcoming and cheery and homey and full of love. It is exactly the kind of blanket I would love to have on my bed, too. And, as always, your ink pairings are uncannily spot on.

    And right now, almost every day feels like a case of the Mondays to me. This post did indeed brighten my day.

    Thank you.


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