Product Review: King Jim Kitta Tapes & Kitta File

King Jim Katta Files

When Jesi came through town a couple weeks ago, she showed off her stash of King Jim Kitta washi tape strips and the lovely 24-pack file she stored them in. I immediately decided I need to invest in some of these delightful sets and a file as well.

King Jim Katta File

Rather than buying the large 24-pack file ($10.50) that Jesi had, I decided to go with the more compact and portable 6-pack file ($8.50) in green plaid.

King Jim Katta Tapes + File

Each pack of Kitta tapes (starting at $4.70 per pack) comes in a matchbook packet with four designs in each set. Each packet includes 10 strips of each design.  When the cover is folded back, it can be tucked into the file under the clear plastic flaps in the file.

King Jim Katta Tapes

King Jim Katta Tapes

When the tape is removed from the backing paper, it’s just like regular washi tape.

King Jim Katta Tapes

King Jim Katta Tapes

Most washi is translucent (shown above ) so its perfect to use in planners, journals and notebooks. The strips can also be cut or trimmed as needed.

King Jim Katta Tapes

I find the Kitta Tapes less of a commitment than rolls and rolls of washi tapes. The file makes it easy to carry a variety of tapes in a small package too. If you aren’t sure if you’ll use washi tape or prefer less commitment in your notebook accessories, then the King Jim Kitte Tapes and File might work for you too.

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  1. I like the idea of the washi strips. My problem with packs of four is that I will rarely like all or even half of the designs, but there will one that really calls to me. But the file is a neat set up.

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