Yarn + Ink: Sour Skittles

Yarn + Ink : Sour Skittles

Laura usually does the Yarn + Ink posts but my rationale for doing one today it two-fold. First, this yarn, as many have told me is SO ME.

I mean… c’mon! Lime green with fuchsia contrasting yarn for the heels and toes (This self-striping yarn is from Lollipop Yarn and is/was called “Sweet & Sour” if I remember correctly).

It perfectly matches my Diplomat Traveler Lumi Light and Lamy Vibrant Pink (which, amusingly, is what the color I dye my hair is also called.) In terms of ink, Monteverde Garnet was the closest I could find without diving into neon inks and Diamine Calligraphy Passion and Lennon Tool Bar Firefly were good matches to the green.

Second, my initial post was supposed to be a review about a budget-friendly notebook and it was not really worth the time or effort to write up a review for the site about it.

Penco General Notebook B7

Suffice it to say, the Penco General Notebook (B7 size which is about 3.5″ x 5″ ) has a thick plastic cover and off-white paper with 5mm grid in grey. The paper is very smooth but unsuitable for all but the most “general” tools — ballpoint and maybe the occasional gel pen. Maybe, a felt tipped pen like a Papermate Flair would be okay with it too. Rollerball and liquid inks, including fountain pen inks, bleed, feather, show through and generally do not work with the paper. The grid also seemed a bit too dark for most tools. It wasn’t until I realized how unsatisfactory the paper was that I faced with the dilemma of how best to dispose of a notebook with plastic covers…. its an environmental quandry. The covers would need to be removed before the internal pages could be recycled — or if you were particularly thorough about disposing of the contents or burned. D not burn plastic! Or notebooks with plastic covers.

So… you can see why I forfeit this review and left you with the joy that is Sour Skittles colored sock yarn. Taste the rainbow!

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