A Well-Appointed Celebration

One of our own had a huge reason to celebrate last week – Jaclyn got married!

The Well-Appointed staff has not yet been able to attend pen shows during 2021 (nor for most of 2020), but that doesn’t mean we haven’t seen one another! Ana, her (real) husband, Bob, and I made the trek up to Indianapolis to attend Jaclyn’s wedding. We thought our readers may enjoy seeing a portion of the trip.

The Epic Well-Appointed Journey began with my solo trip from Colorado out to Ana’s Well-Appointed house in Kansas City. This is a long trip. 9 hours driving across eastern Colorado and the entire state of Kansas. I was able to capture the two most interesting sights on this drive:

  1. My dusty dashboard. The actual view out the window was like this the entire time. Straight, flat, huge sky.

  1. The only time the view changed was during a rainstorm. A hint of a rainbow.

The reward for surviving across Kansas was a Well-Appointed meal.

The view on the drive to Indianapolis was different:

Practice safe hugs:

You didn’t think we would drive this far without at least some stationery stops, did you?

The night before Jaclyn’s wedding, party on a rooftop:


Quick! Act like you don’t see the camera!

Ready for the fun to start at the wedding! Wait, Bob wasn’t supposed to be in this one.

Since Bob was feeling left out, we let him be in the next photo with us:

Here comes our girl!

Jaclyn was radiant.

As was her bride:

Together, Jaclyn and Katie look even happier!

The wedding was definitely Well-Done!

Wax seals and all…

The first Well-Appointed wedding was perfect.

Much of the trip can be shown in food. Super fancy pastries:

Fried Oreos. Yes, they are vegan.

A different kind of Oreos:

I couldn’t believe the empty display box here. People actually eat these. While driving.

Sugar has truly reached a new height in these Pop-tarts:

Ana was missed:

The view on the way home was slightly more interesting:

And Jaclyn and Katie are having a Well-Deserved honeymoon:


Congratulations, Jaclyn and Katie.

The End

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  1. Congratulations to them both and thanks for capturing the start of their journey for us. My favorite wedding comment…. it’s not about finding the right person, it’s about being the right person. Again, congrats all around.

  2. Congratulations to the brides! I wish you a very happy marriage!

    And as a lifelong Hoosier, I must ask: Where did you find this stationery shop on your travels? I’ve been trying to find a good one locally since the Paper Source did what it did.

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