12 Days of Inkmas: Day 10 Ferris Wheel Lady Rose In Gold

I was a real pr*ck this year when I picked my Inkmas inks. Ferris Wheel Press LadyRose in Gold ($20 for 38ml bottle) is the second ink I chose that is/was a limited edition ink. I didn’t do this to torture you, I promise. I just wanted to share some of my favorite inks with you.

Lady Rose in Gold is one of those not-quite-brown, not-quite-pink inks PLUS it has wonderful gold shimmer in it that makes it truly unique.

The rosy color is definitely that of old rose petals and the gold shimmers like the rim of a fancy tea cup. This ink totally remind me of a set of vintage floral tea cups.

When writing with a finer nib, I see less of the shimmer but all of the faded rose color of old wallpaper. This ink is all Miss Havisham vibes — at least to me.

On Tomoe River 68gsm paper, the ink does tend to look a little lighter but it still has that feeling of a well-loved heirloom, a faded, ditzy print quilt or the sun faded cover of an old book.

Trying to find a pinkish ink with shimmer in my ink collection was more challenging than I expected. I realize with almost 1000 inks in my collection that’s hard to believe but its true! I even hunted for non-shimmer pinks and I had nothing like it at all. I suspect that part of the appeal of Lady Rose in Gold is that it is so unlike anything else in my ink collection.

I guess, my advice regarding inks like Ferris Wheel PressLady Rose in Gold, is not necessarily to give in to FOMO but, if you see something that truly speaks to you, invest in it. Yes, I’ve bought lots of inks just because it was the “in thing” to get at a pen show but sometimes, something crosses my path that just feels right. When that happens to you, my advice is to buy it, before its gone.


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  1. One of the Inkvent Calendar 2021 entries is the shimmer ink Pink Ice, but it’s more of a bubblegum pink, not a dusty rose, and the shimmer seems to be either pink or silver, not gold. So it’s not really at all like Lady Rose Gold (which is truly lovely) but it is at least another shimmery pink.

    I’m enjoying Inkmas very much! Thanks for pulling it together. I don’t mind seeing no-longer-available inks featured, as I just like to look at the pretty colors. 🙂

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