12 Days of Inkmas: Day 9 Kala Island No. 38 Sweet Potato Balls

It’s hard to decide what my favorite food is at the holidays, but I admit that my family’s sweet potato casserole is really high up there on the list. We steam fresh sweet potatoes, then add peaches, pecans, brown sugar, butter and a few toasted marshmallows at the end. It’s sweet and decadent and I love it.

So when I saw Kala Island No. 38 Sweet Potato Balls (30mL for $13), I decided it would be a fun ink to try for Inkmas.

Sweet Potato Balls is a rich orange which really looks like fresh steamed sweet potatoes. There’s no shimmer sheen in this one, but you can get some really nice shading.

In terms of comparison, I think It’s probably closest to Lamy Bronze. J. Herbin Orange Indien isn’t a bad match for the darker bits, and Mont Blanc Lucky Orange is quite a bit lighter and brighter.

If you’re looking for a reddish orange with nice shading, I’d give Sweet Potato Balls a try!

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