12 Days of Inkmas: Day 4

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Merry Inkmas! Keeping with our traditional celebration, we are sharing some of our favorite inks for 12 days. Today I’m showing off the first ink from the Diamine Inkvent calendar 2021, so if you are still waiting to open day 1, avert your eyes!

I’ve had so much fun opening up a small bottle of new ink every morning this month. The first day surprised me because it didn’t seem to be Christmas-related; instead I would call it celebration-related.

Seize the Night is a very dark purple ink with a bright gold sheen. The sheen is not overwhelming. It complements the purple beautifully and is only apparent in certain lights/angles.

Seize the Night is a perfect name for this ink – it reminds me of a cocktail dress with gold sequins or a dark night sky lit up with dazzling lights.

When viewed on Col-o-Ring paper straight on, Seize the Night looks incredibly dark with no sheen – perfectly acceptable for work-related writing. An off-purple ink.

But then the party side shows. When angled towards the light, the gold sheen shines.

The base color in Seize the Night is a match for Van Dieman’s Sweet Fig ink. It is also a close match to Bungubox’s Ink of the Witch.

Large droplets of Seize the Night almost glow. The above photo is on Cosmo Air Light paper. Below is the same amount of ink on Tomoe River paper – the sheen is a bit more subtle on TR paper.

The writing I show here is again on Cosmo Air Light paper with a fine cursive Italic nib. It’s not difficult to get sheen from normal writing.

I’ve already put Seize the Night on my list to purchase after Inkvent is done. I hope that it will be available! After the 2019 Inkvent calendar, Diamine offered full 50mL bottles of each ink for sale under their Blue Edition collection. Hopefully they will offer this year’s inks under a Red Edition collection!

DISCLAIMER: Some of the items included in this review were provided to us free of charge for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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