Calendar Review: Himekuri Sticky Note Calendar 2022

As I’ve posted before, I’m pretty specific in my calendar/planner needs. I’ll do a more in detail post next week about what I’ve decided to use for 2022 (I can’t believe we’re there!), but first I wanted to share with you a fun little calendar I got from Jetpens.

The Himekuri Sticky Note Calendars ($32.00) are made up of seven little stacks of what look like post-it notes. They are mounted on a sturdy cardstock back that actually folds nicely into a stand so that the calendar can occupy a place on your desk.  The calendars come in a variety of themes: cats, stationery, sweets, zoo and a few others. I purchased Memory which has a variety of gorgeous photos.

The calendar also comes with a memory booklet, where you can store your daily sticky images after you’ve removed them from the calendar. All the text is in Japanese, and I assume it provides more context to the photos, or bits of wisdom, quotes etc. There is a little room in the margins, so I might use mine to record my own thoughts of the week in short form.

Overall, I was really charmed by this little calendar. I’ve added mine to the bulletin board right above my monitor so I can see the week at a glance and enjoy the beautiful photos each week.

DISCLAIMER: I purchased the items for this review with my own money and all opinions are my own. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. What an unusual design! I would be tempted (since I don’t read Japanese) to put a plain or ruled bit of paper over that center area and use it to record a brief thought about each day on that page.

    (And I’m intrigued why June 18 is missing — the facing page shows seven boxes so it’s not a case of always omitting Saturday, or whatever. Fascinating.)

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