Desk Accessories: Artful Organizer Vintage Camera

A few weeks ago I was perusing JetPens and I came across the Artful Organizer Vintage Camera ($14.95). I immediately thought of Ana, but I was charmed by this paperboard desk organizer.

The package arrives in a slim cardboard envelope and the pieces are easily separated along the perforations. Just 60 seconds of assembly and you’re ready to load it up with your desk tools. I thought it would be fun to shoot a time lapse video of it to show you sizing, ease of assembly and of course, the finished product!

(Editor’s Note: It was brought to our attention that not everyone could see Laura’s original video post on Instagram so we’ve added a YouTube link above. Hopefully, that will make watching her time lapse a little easier to access.)

I will say that picking up and moving the camera once it is fully loaded is a bit precarious. It seems like sturdy paperboard, but without gluing it I wouldn’t move it over great distances. However, it’s a fun desk accessory and I always like adding something new to the rotation!


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  1. Please do not post on Instagram. All I see is this in mainstream Firefox: “No video with supported format and MIME type found. Log In to Instagram. Log in to see photos and videos from friends and discover other accounts you’ll love.”

    1. Apologies for the inconvenience. Laura wanted to include an assembly video and chose a platform she hoped would be easy for others to view.

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