Fountain Pen Review: PenBBS 469 Double Nib Fountain Pen

What do you do when you see a DOUBLE NIB fountain pen? You buy it, of course. The PenBBS 469 Double Nib Fountain Pen ($49) is just such a pen. The pen features the super smooth fine and medium nibs with an eyedropper filling system. There are rubber gaskets along the threads to eliminate any leaks of need for silicone grease. The pen also includes a rollerball adapter! Seriously, at the price, you are getting THREE pens.

The pen ships with an eyedropper and the rollerball conversion nib unit.

The gold tone nib is the medium nib though its labelled “F”. The bend the tines up slightly to make a wider writing surface and a super smooth nib.

Pictured above filled with ink and the “F” and rollerball nib units.

This is definitely a pen you’ll want to store flat.

The color I received is no longer listed on the site but there are several other fabulous options.

I would write a longer post but really, what else is there to say? It’s a lovely pen, good nibs, lots of options and all in one barrel. So, go forth and buy this amazingly unusual pen while you still can. PenBBS pens have a tendency to go fast and then its several months until they are available again. (Two thumbs up. Way up.)


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  1. Ana,

    Don't tell anyone (good thing this isn't a public discussion); I have three of these pens. (The colour of the one above seems to be available on Etsy.) They're great travel/sketching pens that provide a fabulous means of doubling one's ink options while carrying a reasonable number of pens.


  2. My issue is that the rollerball collar refuses to unscrew so I am now forced to jave only one fountsin pen nib. Otherwise i like the pen
    Barry Conway

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