Product Review: Yamato Tape Roll Sticky Notes

I’ve had a roll of the Yamato Tape Roll Sticky Notes (15 mm x 10 m in Lime, $4.85 per roll, refill packs available) in my knitting tool bag for a couple years now. This tape is perfect for marking the row in a knitting chart. I can peel it up again and again and move it up the pattern as I knit each row. Depending on how long the chart is or how many times I need to repeat the chart, the tape may lose its stickiness. I just pitch the dead bit and tear off a fresh piece.

It’s helpful on long charts so my eye doesn’t accidentally jump to the row above or below. I can also write notes on the tape, add lines to help mark the chart or otherwise streamline my process. I think this tape would well for other sorts of project tracking: recipes, assembly instructions like those epic Lego kits, cross stitch patterns, etc.

Since the Yamato Roll Stick Tape is just small bits of Post-It note, its great fro covering up mistakes in a bullet journal or other notebook too. It’s more opaque than washi tape.

Because there is a bit of adhesive transfer on the front side of the tape, I recommend using pencil or ballpoint on the tape (YMMV) as the surface isn’t super conducive to fountain pens or other water-based inks.

There is also a magnetic dispenser available but I’m not sure why my refrigerator would need post-it tape. An office fridge where you might need to label your food though… might be a great place for a magnetic roll and a fine line Sharpie!

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