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Just before Christmas, I purchased samples of the five newest Laban inks in their Mythology Series: Athena, Ares, Zeus, Hera, and Hermes. Beautiful colors! I haven’t been able to review these until now – there have been so many new inks released lately.

I am only reviewing these latest five inks but if you would like to read about the original five inks in the series, you can find them here:

Ink Series Review: Laban Mythology Series

I purchased my samples from Vanness where you can buy 4mL for $3.00 or the 50mL bottle for $20.

First, Zeus. Because this is a purple ink and purple is always the best! Zeus is a bit darker than ColorVerse Einstein Ring and a touch bluer. The sheen is amazing – see the swatches on Cosmo Air Light and Tomoe River paper at the end of the review for that.

Hera is a beautiful blue-black-teal color that is incredibly close to Private Reserve Ebony Blue (the original ink – I haven’t been able to compare to the recent Private Reserve release). The shading with Hera isn’t dramatic, but it shows up even in writing.

Laban Hermes is a light sky blue. I didn’t have a perfect match for this ink in my Col-o-ring cards, bu Faber-Castell Gulf Blue is close. In writing, though, Hermes is lighter.

Laban Ares is a bold red with a touch of orange – I would recommend this as a great replacement for Mont Blanc Corn Poppy since that ink is getting harder to find. There is a touch of sheen with Ares, as well!

Athena stumped me. Every time I held the card next to a blue-black swatch, it was quite obviously a black ink. Every time I held it next to a black ink, it was obviously a blue-black ink. Tono & Lims Neuschwanstein was as close as I could get until I compared Bungubox Silent Night. Athena does have a touch of sheen and I would recommend it as a replacement for Silent Night (especially since the price of Bungubox inks has skyrocketed up to $40 – $50 for a 30mL bottle). Athena is a wonderful blue-black-grey ink that would be perfect for office use.

Now for the paper. Below are swatches on Cosmo Air Light paper. The sheen is amazing on Zeus and the shading in all other inks is tremendous.

Tomoe River paper tones down the harsh edges seen on Cosmo Air Light paper, but the sheen on Zeus is somewhat lacking.

Here is a photo with both papers in the same light – Cosmo Air Light on the top, Tomoe River on the bottom.

So there is the newest five inks from Laban in their Mythology line!


DISCLAIMER: The items included in this review were purchased at full price by me. Please see the About page for more details.

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