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I love that pen and paper people are often on the same wavelength — whether its a week filled with the same pen reviews (sometimes coincidence, sometimes a new product release) or posts about a world event (like daylight saving time last week). This week, Philofaxy provides a printable PDF with all the time zones globally to help make sense of the time disparities resulting from every country handling DST differently.

But other moments of “it’s like they are reading my mind!” happened with two other posts. Parka Blogs did a comparison of three brands of digital tablets for creative uses and Gentleman Stationer wrote about his Travel Carry (post of the week below).

I suppose I should take this moment to announce that I will be at the Atlanta Pen Show next week. I’ll be helping my dear friend Lisa at the Vanness Pen Shop table.

As a result of my first trip (and first pen show) in over two years, I’ve been reconsidering my travel carry needs. Unlike Joe, I’m a bag collector — constantly on the hunt for just the right bag for just the right situation. I move back and forth to work everyday which requires a certain amount of everyday items that get transported back and forth. I don’t necessarily carry my laptop back and forth everyday but I do take my notebook/planner, my pen case, AirPods, wallet, keys, lunch, etc. I’ve been researching bag options that can work for work and as a “personal item” bag for travel. I am waffling right now between using my current go-to, a Fjallraven Totepack No. 1 or Rickshaw Bags Soho Tote (sm/med) or the old stand-by, a Timbuk2 Messenger. The Fjallraven is pretty good, especially if I do need to take a laptop but the long, vertical design mean many items tend to fall to the bottom making them difficult to retrieve. The Rickshaw Soho is pretty good all around but is a little small. I wish I’d gone ahead and purchased the large Soho which would have given me a bit more space and might even hold a laptop. If anyone has a recommendation, pop it in the comments.

Rickshaw Soho Tote

I’m also doing more drawing at work and the possibility of upgrading my four-year-old 10″ iPad Pro is real. Parka Blogs post was interesting and helped solidify that I need not jump ship from Apple but I do need to decide which model iPad is the best cost-to-value option for me. Most importantly, I need to upgrade to a model that utilizes the new Apple Pencil that charges magnetically. My model is old enough it only charges when plugged into the Lightning port sticking precariously out of the end of the iPad like a very unstable popsicle.

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  1. On bags : as a public transport commuter who carries quite a bit of stuff I’ve been questing for the perfect bag for YEARS. (I’ve looked at the Soho a number of times but just didn’t love the look of it.) in the end I ordered a large doctors bag from Etsy shop Odilynch in the UK. Comes with a short carry handle, cross body strap AND removable backpack straps, opens wide for ready location of the contents, is waterproof and fits all my stuff plus a knitting or crochet project, has a unique style and looks better with age. I think it’s the closet I’ve come to bag perfection!

  2. My EDC bag is a “small” Rickshaw Zero messenger, but when I need more lugging space, I love the Rickshaw Deluxe Musette, which I had made in the waterproof Xpac fabric (very durable). It has only one internal compartment/pocket, so it might not be enough of an organizer on its own, though. I use it as an add-on to the small messenger. I can cross one over one shoulder and the other over the second shoulder and feel balanced.

  3. And now I’m looking at your Soho and now I want one. I only have about 10 Rickshaw bags already! I buy bags the way other women buy shoes: something for every outfit and season.

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