Ink Review: Monarca Inks Part 3

I have finally come to the last three inks in the new Monarca ink line. These inks are getting easier to find with more retailers carrying Monarca – Vanness received a batch lately, and Dromgoole’s still has them in stock.

The last three inks today are Cenote, Cardona, and Mar Caribe.

Cenote is a deep blue ink with a somewhat matte, pinkish sheen. It is close to Ferris Wheel Press Tanzenite Sky or Diamine Regency Blue, but the sheen factor is higher. One nice feature of Cenote – the ink never seemed to smear unlike most sheening inks.

Monarca Cardona is the other sheening ink in the line. The base color is a deep burgundy-magenta, close to Robert Oster’s Hot Pink while the sheen is like a toned down version of Cult Pens Robert, an ink that pushes sheen to the max. As with Cenote, I never saw the ink smear.

Monarca Mar Caribe is a beautiful light turquoise with plenty of shading potential. It is a bit lighter than Robert Oster Pacific Ocean Teal (a past special edition) but still dark enough for easy reading.

A lineup of the last three Monarca inks!

Once again I have the entire Monarca ink collection together, first on Cosmo Air Light paper:

Then on Tomoe River paper:

I have enjoyed showing the new inks! It is a great lineup of unusual colors for an introductory offering, but it is refreshing to see non-standard colors.

Each Monarca ink is priced at $20 for a 30mL bottle (except the special edition Rey Jaguar which is $29) and includes a small ink stand with a pen rest. You can find samples of Monarca inks at $4 for 4mL at Vanness as well.

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