GIVEAWAY: Lamy Safari Strawberry and Cream

If you’re on Team Safari, then today’s giveaway will be right up your alley. Leena from Pen Boutique (another woman-owned pen shop!) generously sent us two gift sets for giveaway: one in Strawberry and one in Cream. That means TWO lucky winners will get a new pen. The sets include the Lamy Safaris pictured, a converter, a package of cartridges and a bottle of ink.

Sadly, Lamy didn’t design an ink of the year (how great would a mouth-watering strawberry ink have been???) so the cartridges and ink are both black. But play along and tell me what ink you’d want to put in your new pen if you won!

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below telling about us which color Safari you prefer (Strawberry or Cream) and what color ink you would put in your new pen!  (Play along and type in something. It makes reading through entries more interesting for me, okay?) One entry per person.

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FINE PRINT: All entries must be submitted by 10pm CST on Sunday, April 24, 2022. All entries must be submitted at, not Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, okay? Winner will be announced on Monday. TWO winners will be selected by random number generator from entries that played by the rules, one for each color (see above). Please include your actual email address in the comment form so that I can contact you if you win. I will not save email addresses or sell them to anyone — pinky swear. If winner does not respond within 5 days, I will draw a new giveaway winner. Shipping via USPS first class is covered. Additional shipping options or insurance will have to be paid by the winner. We are generous but we’re not made of money. US and APO/AFO only, sorry.

DISCLAIMER: The pens included in this post were generously provided by Pen Boutique for the purposes of this giveaway.

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  1. Not quite perfect fit but I have a bottle of Noodler’s Apache Sunset that could go in the cream colored Lamy if I won. Or maybe Noodler’s Golden Brown. Yes, a strawberry ink would have been fun. 🙂

  2. I prefer the strawberry lamy safari. Ink wise I would put in Diamine poppy red, inkjournal candy cane or Monteverde strawberry shortcake.

  3. I’d like the strawberry one best (Red was one of my college colors) and although it’s not an ink I commonly use I would have to put Diamine Wild Strawberry in it at least to start.

  4. Aloha Laura! If I could only choose one of the two colors, it would have to be the Cream, although red is my favorite color! I don’t think the Strawberry is unique enough to make it special, but the Cream is quite rare among fountain pens at least from the reviews I have seen thus far. I do prefer the matte finish over the glossy, so that is also a plus. I don’t really have an ink in my mind as who has a ink color that even comes close, but I do have the sampler set of Cult Pens/Diamine “fruit” colored inks and many are quite pale! Mahalo to you and Leena for the generous giveaway. Kind regards, Thomas

  5. Strawberry with an ink as close to that color as I could find. In memory of My grandparents who lives in Southern California and would always surprise us with fresh picked berries!!

  6. Hmm. Well, for the cream I would use Diamine Wild Strawberry. For the strawberry, I’m thinking Robert Oster Emerald.

  7. I’d prefer the Cream Safari and load it with Noodler’s Shah’s Rose.

    But if I got the Strawberry Safari, I’d load it with Edelstein Aventurine.


  8. I’d definitely ink the Strawberry with some Ferris Wheel Press Strawberry Macaron – reminds me of summer!

  9. I’d go for the cream Lamy since I do not have a pen like that in my collection. I try to match the ink to the pen to keep it all straight so I would fill it with Monteverde’s Lion from their jungle collection. I buy ink like I buy wine…because of the labels, hence my need to by the Monteverde set. I’ve only matched pens to 4 of the 10 inks so please pick me so I can make it to #5.

    1. Reviewing my own comment and caught my typo of “by” instead of ‘buy”. How utterly embarrassing. Just thought I’d point that out!

  10. Oo, I would prefer the cream one, and would fill it with purple ink – I actually don’t have a favorite bottled ink right now as I’m only just getting back into fountain pens.

  11. I prefer the more subtle cream color and I would probably fill it with something boring like platinum carbon black.

  12. I like both colors, but the cream would be helpful right now – need a “white” pen to put some white Docu Ink in for my Urban Sketch kit.

  13. I’d love to surprise my red-loving friend with the strawberry pen… I think it’d be great with Iroshizuku Momiji.

  14. Strawberry or cream? Makes me want to have a bowl of ice cream as I am
    pondering the question. I am leaning toward the strawberry but would be thrilled with cream too! I would use a shimmery turquoise ink to liven up my notes. Have a good day.

  15. I love the red, most of my Lamy pens are simple black so it would be awesome to have a pop of color. Leena and the Pen Boutique are amazing!

  16. I’d love to win the Strawberry Lamy Safari for a friend in the US – I’m in the UK. I think she’d fill it with a dark green ink, or one of the Birmingham Pen company inks that she loves. It would be a good thank you gift for the guest posts she writes for me!

  17. I was so tempted to buy the Strawberry red Lamy Safari last month, especially when the first batch came with complementing leather pen sleeves. But my pen budget got spent on the awesome new Mead Trapper Keepers that are out there right now. If I did win the pen I would be motivated to buy the whole set (rollerball and ballpoint), to go with my retro Sunset-themed Trapper Keeper at work. It would pair nicely with Diamine Wild Strawberry of course, perfect for highlighting work notes!

  18. In the Strawberry I would put Privat Reserve Chocolat and in the Cream I would put Diamine Wild Strawberry.

  19. I already have the cream so this would be a third of the way. Now I just need the sponge cake when Lamy releases it!

  20. I was so tempted to buy the Strawberry red Lamy Safari last month when they were giving away the red leather sleeve to match it. But I had already spent my monthly budget on a new Mead Trapper Keeper with a cool retro sunset design on it. If I did win the Strawberry Safari I would have to buy the complementing ballpoint and rollerball and set them up with the new Trapper Keeper at work! Of course, I would fill the Lamy Safari Strawberry with Diamine Wild Strawberry! Perfect for highlighting my notes at work!

  21. It would have to be RED… the colour of love and I love the colour… strawberries are a fruit of love… and Strawberry Fields Forever
    And I love monkeys… no matter if they may be tired and slow

  22. The inaugural inking of a Strawberry pen would have to be with Diamine Strawberry, as it seems to match in color. I might take Ferris Wheel Press’s Strawberry Macaron for a spin next, then maybe Diamine Hope Pink. I’d probably keep a pink ink in it most of the time. Don’t worry, I’m well-stocked with pink inks.

  23. Thanks for another great giveaway.
    I’d use:
    Cream: Diamine Caramel Sparkle
    Strawberry: a red shimmer ink, but I’m not sure which. Would play around with a few samples to see which looks best w/ the pen in person.

  24. Ooooh, the ink pairing makes it interesting. I can see enjoying the cream one filled first with my favorite springtime color of Vert Olive. Delicious!

  25. Strawberry! A cheery red Strawberry Safari, inked up with my favorite sheeny red, Sailor Shikiori Yodaki. ❤️

  26. The Cream one is very nice. I’d most likely put either Colorverse Coffee Break in it or Noodler’s nightshade.

  27. ‘I would pick the cream Lamy, as it is a nice contrast to the mostly dark color Safaris I have. I would fill it with a shimmering ink. I have about a half dozen from Lamy, so I might want to try them all to we which I like best.

  28. Both of the pens are lovely but if I won, I would prefer the red. It would be my first fountain pen therefore I would use the ink included. This is the perfect little set up for a beginner. Thanks for doing this giveaway.

  29. I would prefer the cream as I find it a bit more unique. As far as ink, I would go with Sailor Gentle Apricot.

  30. The Cream Lamy for sure, and I’ll ink it with one of my last few Dark Lilac cartridges I have left. Can you imagine switching the nib out for the Lamy Cursive nib: the cream pen barrel with the black cursive nib? What a beauty!

  31. I will love and use either pen, but the red one would be filled with lipstick red ink and the cream one – mmm, maybe I would fill it with green ink. Since it will be strawberries and cream season soon, I’d have to look for season-worthy ink colors.

  32. They are both lovely, but if I have to choose one, it would definitely be the cream. Cream and chocolate go so well together, so I think I would fill it with Private Reserve Chocolat ink. I’ve never tried a Lamy before, so thank you for the chance to win one.
    Off to make a mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream on top…

  33. The cream one because it seems unique and I would fill it with an Iroshizuku kon-peki for a nice contrast. Glad to see donation from my locale store … they are top notch. .

  34. I’d prefer the Strawberry and put some Diamine Poppy red in it! While not a match for the pen’s barrel, it’s a vibrant red that I like.
    Or maybe some kind of sepia/dark brown ink? Strawberry and chocolate. But I don’t know what brand in particular..yet!

  35. Both colors are nice, but I would have to say that the Strawberry would go nicely with Robert Oster Pinky.

  36. I like them both, but I would probably go with the cream. I use my pen at work where my color choices are very limited, so it would be black ink for me — the darker the better.

  37. Its hard strawberry and cream are both nice colors and both taste good…lol but I have to sat strawberry .

  38. I think that it would be lovely and aesthetically pleasing to have a LAMY Cream Safari pen inked with their beautiful LAMY Benitoite ink. If that ink isn’t a choice for the prize; if I win then I vow to hie over to the Pen Boutique and buy it from her where it’s on sale!

  39. I have a bottle of Diamine Wild Strawberry that would be perfect for the Strawberry Lamy. Not sure what I have that would be a match to the Cream Lamy…I have Diamine Burnt Sienna that might be nice. I would be happy with either color. Thanks to you and Pen Boutique for offering this giveaway.

  40. I’m entering on my 10 year old daughter’s behalf. She’s a budding writer and loves my Lamy graphite (helps that her favorite stuffed animal is “Lambie”). She likes the cream one and already called dibs on my Waterman Serenity blue ink!

  41. Strawberry! I feel like i would stain the cream since I prefer really bold inks. I think I would put some sort of red in it, but I would need to see it in person first.

  42. I’d love the cream, and I think it would work well with whatever that coppery brown ink is I got not too long ago (can’t remember what it was and can’t find it!).

  43. I like the idea of the matte cream LS with a red ink. Maybe Diamine Matador? Or just a warm brown instead…

  44. I think I would prefer the Cream Safari. The first ink that popped into my mind was Diamine Wild Strawberry.

  45. I enjoy both these colors, but I think the cream is intriguing. I’d have to cheat on which ink I would pair it with though and say whatever appeals to me in that moment; right now that would be candy marsala from Ferris Wheel Press

  46. I would prefer the Strawberry pen and I would try Patinum Pigma Rose Gold ink as mentioed in Link Love today!

  47. For me, I’d prefer the Cream Safari, and I have a feeling that it would pair beautifully with a Sailor Manyo Ink, probably Kikyou to start….

  48. I would pick the Cream to add to my Safari collection. With one of the Noodler Blues, it would remind me of blueberries and cream on paper.

  49. Would totally do the strawberry pen with a Waterman Audacious Red Ink. To quote The Penaddict himself, it would be all “matchy, matchy”

  50. I would opt for the strawberry pen – they are easily my favorite berry!
    As for ink, I’m fascinated by the line of inks from Wearingeul, in particular, the Wearingeul modern female writer literary color: Human Issue.

  51. I’d choose Strawberry because I am certain I’d stain the cream one. I would first ink it up with Iroshizuku Yama Budo because I think it would be gorgeous together.

  52. I’m having trouble choosing the color Lamy I would prefer. I like them both. But the ink is out in it first would be Van Dieman’s Dawn.

  53. I would love either pen, but I especially like the strawberry, and I’d put Birmingham Ink Co. Salt Water Taffy in either of them! Thank you for a wonderfully generous giveaway Pen Boutique!

  54. I need some coffee to round out the flavor of strawberries and cream. Sailor Fika Coffee (my new favorite brown) is my fill choice.

  55. The cream colored pen is the winner. I’ve got a Lycoris from Bungubox that would pair well with that pen.

  56. The strawberry has been really tempting me lately lol. Would probably put in some Diamine poppy red or a sample of Rouge d’Orient that needs some love 🙂

  57. I’d prefer the cream because I don’t have a white(ish) pen in my collection. I like that it’s a neutral for ink matching! I think the first ink I would put in it would be a classic blue like Iroshizuku Kon-Peki

  58. I happen to have some Diamine Red Dragon that might nicely match the red one, and the sky’s the limit for the white one! I think I would opt for the red and give it to my daughter-in-law whom I’ve been penabling over the past six months. So far I’ve been giving her cartridges because they are easier for someone just starting out, but a set like this would get her to the next level!
    I agree that a strawberry colored ink would have been super cool.

  59. I think for the cream, Robert Oster’s Caffe Crema would be a nice fit; such a nice ink and a perfect pen for it. For the strawberry why not try Diamines Wild Strawberry, such a nice sheen.

  60. I have yet to obtain a white/cream pen so that would be my choice. I think I would ink it with some writers blood for the strawberries and cream vibe

  61. A creamy white colored pen? Plus it’s a Lamy?! I’m sold! My ink of choice for this latest Safari edition would be Diamine Chocolate Brown. I have to admit, this is a color combination that I have been obsessing about lately, and I can’t wait to put the two together one day soon. (I own mostly blue or black pens).

  62. I really like the Cream Lamy Safari! I got some ink for Christmas last year and would like to try the Diamine Red Dragon ink I received.

  63. I’d love the cream

    I’d fill it with this delicate light grey purple pink blue I got at a Sydney pen show called 洋桔梗

  64. I’ve been eyeing the Strawberry Lamy Safari; I own a Charcoal one that I love and I’ve been wanting to get a brighter color. For the ink, I just got a bottle of Ferris Wheel Press Wonderland in Coral that I think would go beautifully with the Strawberry Safari!

  65. Oh, tough choice. I would go with the lovely Lamy Strawberry Safari pen. It is a perfect pen color to roll into spring. I am really into combining pink and red tones. So I would load this pen with the fabulous Noodler’s Rachmaninoff. A peppy, bright, and fun pink. Fingers crossed!

  66. Strawberry for me. The bright color makes me happy.

    For ink, I would use black. I almost exclusively use blue ink but think black would go well with this one.

  67. Strawberry please, it’s the season for them after all! I’m not too keen on red RED inks, but currently have my eye on an ink called Strawberry Ice from Tono & Lims, which is a pink. In one way or another, it’s fitting! :3

  68. I think I prefer the Strawberry Lamy. Why? Because it is unlikely that I would ever use my own money to purchase an entirely red pen, however I do not find them totally unattractive. There ARE a few Mont Blanc reds that I do like, but I am new to this hobby and there are too many great brands out there that I haven’t already been aware of my entire life.

    Recently I’ve been hunting for a deep black ink with a strong sheen. The Sailor Biological Series “Insects” Dorcus Hopi ink is at the top of my list. I’m just waiting to find a few more things for the cart as long as I’m ordering all the way from Japan.
    I would use this ink in the Lamy pen.

  69. That strawberry color is wonderful….my daughter would love that! We have a bottle of Jacques Herbin Rouge Hematite that would look wonderful with this pen!

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