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While April weather is a crap shoot — one day warm and sunny, the next day is frost warnings and grey, spitting rain, it seems like plants and gardening have been on my mind. Lots of the flowering shrubs are blooming bring vibrant pinks and yellows to our neighborhood after months of grey and it makes my heart sing. Coincidentally, Austin Kleon posted about “proplifting” this week. While I’ve never stolen a cutting from a garden center, I have received cuttings from friends and, for the first time in my life, I’ve actually been able to propagate new plants from the cuttings. I trimmed back my basil plant and its sprouting in new places just like I hoped so I’m getting more confident about my gardening skills. While I am not super outdoorsy I do love plants and have always been able to keep them alive but now I’m feeling more confident about my skills and looking forward to extending my gardening skills. Do you garden? Do you document your plantings in a journal? Have you ever “proplifted”?

(via Austin Kleon)

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