WAY Off-Topic: Kitty Fundraiser

I realize that today’s post is WAY off-topic but I hope you’ll forgive me for the unusual post for today. I promise not to inundate you all with kitten posts forever.

Happy, healthy kitten cuddle pile

The story:

We found a mama cat, Zoey, and her litter of SIX kittens under a garden shed in our neighborhood. We cared for Zoey as best we could until the kittens were old enough and mobile enough to come out from under the shed and into our home. We were able to capture them all on May 3, 2020 and they are now growing safely and quickly in our home.

We named each kitten after something from the garden that kept them safe in their infancy: Tater, Carrot, Apple, Clover, Pickle and Pepper.

Tater is a little out of focus but looking regal.
Zoey, our mama cat, tired and thin but happy and getting some much needed rest thanks to her team of foster humans.

They are all happy and healthy but vet and food bills for 6 hungry kittens and Zoey is more than we were expecting so we are going to be doing a series of fundraisers to help offset the costs and make sure that these kittens get the best possible care before they are adopted to their forever homes.

If you would like to contribute to our kitten fund, our delightful, supportive friends, Tag Team Tompkins, have donated prints for us to sell. to purchase the prints, please visit our Big Cartel site.

If you would prefer to make a small donation, you can send funds via PayPal.

If you are in the Kansas City area and are interested in adopting any of our little cuties, please drop me a message via the “Ask The Desk” form at the top of the website.

Thanks so much for allowing me to go off-topic today and for any support you can give. We will be back to our regular content tomorrow.

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  1. Ana,

    I was going to make a PayPal donation, but then PayPal noted you’d have to pay a fee for the donation. Is there a better way to send support for your feline friends?


    1. Ruth, you are so sweet. You could send a check to our PO Box, if that works better. Or you know, tape a couple quarters to a postcard?
      Ana Reinert
      The Well-Appointed Desk
      PO Box 8811
      Kansas City, MO 64114

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