Pen Review: Meister by Point Pocket Felt Tip Marker

My fountain pen ink stash overfloweth, so I’m always looking for good ways to use that ink in other pens. So I was excited when Ana handed me the Meister by Point Pocket Felt Tip Marker ($12.50, JetPens).

This reusable Pocket Felt Tip Marker comes in at a cool 4.8″/12.5cm capped, and 4.2″/10.5cm uncapped. It has a smooth metal body, and comes in a variety of colors (Black, Cream, Macchiato, Ocean Blue, Red and White) with silver colored metal hardware. The cap is a snap cap with a soft closure, and is postable. Finally,  the marker comes standard with a 0.8mm tip, but tips are also available in 1.0, 1.2 and 1.4 mm.

L to R: SchonDsgn Pocket 6, Kaweco x Hello Kitty AL Sport, Meister Felt Tip Marker, Diplomat Traveler

L to R: SchonDsgn Pocket 6, Kaweco x Hello Kitty AL Sport, Meister Felt Tip Marker, Diplomat Traveler, Marvy Le Pen Fineliner

The Pocket Felt Tip Marker is designed to work with standard international cartridges. It can use a converter, but no converter is included, and the specs say that a full sized converter won’t fit in the barrel. There’s no converter indicated, which leads me to guess maybe the Kaweco mini converter would work? But I can’t be sure.

My favorite part about this pen is that you get a fun fine liner and you can use any ink you want. The instructions recommend that you not use shimmering or pigment-based inks because they can clog the feed and be difficult to rinse out of the pen, but as far as your regular fountain pen inks go? The sky’s the limit!

The biggest drawback on this pen for me is the section. The section near the tip is very short, and the transition to the body is very pronounced – it feels like a hard metal ring against your hand. Based on just a short time writing, I don’t think it would be comfortable for longer use, unless I could train myself to hold it above the section. While I love the fact that’s its a reusable metal body, I just don’t know if it will make it into my routine that often?

What do you think?

DISCLAIMER: Some of the items included in this review were provided to us free of charge by JetPens for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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