First Look: Platinum 3776 Shape of a Heart

Last week I went to Chicago to attend the first h+h americas trade show and, while I had a blast, I seem to have returned home with a cold. So while I’m under the weather, I thought I would give you a first look at my new pen that arrived while I was away.

I’m still regretting that I didn’t purchase the Platinum 3776 Kumpoo, the 2018 limited edition. So when I saw the 2022 Shape of a Heart pen I didn’t hesitate to preorder ($312, Pen Chalet). And I’m not disappointed.

Shape of a Heart is black pen with pink-gold trim and a pink gold plated 14K gold nib. The “Shape of a Heart” refers to the heart-shaped piece that gets cut out of each Platinum nib. The finial is filled with crystals, and that gold “heart” from the nib. I saw my gold heart once, but it’s hard to find mixed in there with all the sparkling crystals. I ordered a fine nib, and I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.

In another few weeks,  once I’ve gotten to know my new pen, I’ll come back and give you a review, but until then I’ll leave you with a few photos. I guess this would qualify for entrance to the Black Pen Society?

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  1. Laura, size-wise (length and weight), how does this pen compare to similar Pilot or Sailor pens?

  2. Hi,
    If I read properly your nib is in solid gold not gold plated.
    It’s written 14k and 585 on the nib.
    And the nice heart-shaped in the finial is in real gold too.
    Noce pen, congrats !

  3. Just in case, I’d test for Covid! I know 9 people, including one family member who came with me, who tested positive after h+h…I’m still testing negative, but I’m resigned to a solid “maybe.” Anyway, hope you get well soon! I love the new sparkly pen!

      1. So sorry to hear that. You’re not alone! At least the show was pretty fun, right? Good luck and a speedy recovery to you!

  4. Laura,

    I hope you're feeling better. I think Karen's advice is sound. (Of course, I think everyone of us should probably be testing every thirty minutes or so…)

    And yes, you should join the super-secret Black Pen Society. I won't tell anyone you're a member if you don't out me either.


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