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Link Love

In my world this week, the big news has been the photos from the Webb telescope photos which Bob watched live yesterday morning. nd I placed an order for some stamps and stickers from JetPens this week and while I’ve been anxiously awaiting their arrival, I discovered that I’m not the only person who’s decided to up their journal/planner game with some fancy doodads.

I feel like July is the perfect time to spice up your planner or chosen analog tool with a little something extra. If you’ve been using the same system all year, you might be feeling a little restless. So rather than starting over with something new, this is the perfect time to add a little more pizzazz. This doesn’t mean going all the way over to the super decorated bullet journals. Just add some washi to the edge of pages to indicate the beginning of the month or a regularly referenced page (to be watched? to be read?). Or stamp the date at the top of your page. Easy peasy and it might make getting over the mid-year planner slump a little easier!




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  1. I , JC, hereby formally submit my application for the contest to your team of monkeys for the pen(gift certificate) give away. My choice of color is provided in monkeyeses as follows: ‘ahheee- eeeh. Eeeaheeeeez’!


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