Col-o-ring Update: Cover Colors & FOLIO!

Col-o-ring Chipboard Cover Comparison

I just wanted to provide a little update on the current Col-o-ring Ink Testing Book chipboard covers. Chipboard, by its nature, is a recycled material often used for backing boards, filler, dividers in shipping, etc. In that regard it’s a lot like corrugated cardboard. As a result of being a recycled material, the color can shift from batch to batch and from manufacturer to manufacturer. Our most recent stock of chipboard arrived and was a much warmer shade of brown. I think the color is pretty and actually matches the paper stock used on our new Col-o-ring FOLIO tablet (more details below).

Bob spent weeks trying to find a different manufacturer who had a similar color chipboard to our previous batch but it became a bit absurd the more we researched it. Chipboard is not like other papers. It’s not dyed to be a specific color. It is the color it is because of the materials that go into making it. I finally had to tell Bob to stop killing himself trying to find a “perfect match”. I just wanted to make sure that you were aware that the color of the chipboard covers may not be the same from time to time due to the nature of the material.

We want the interior paper to be perfect and beautiful and consistent. The covers are just there to protect the inner pages. Right?


The Col-o-ring FOLIO is now available in our shop.

This is the largest product we’ve made containing our signature Col-o-ring paper. The Col-o-ring FOLIO ($40 per tablet plus $10 shipping because this is HEAVY!) is exactly the same paper that is available in our original Col-o-ring Ink Testing Book, Col-o-dex, Dippers and OVERSIZE. The FOLIO is 12 x 16″ and has a lightweight kraft paper cover wrap to protect your creations without crating too much bulk. The cover will easily fold over and tuck behind the sturdy, chipboard backing.  It’s just now available in a 40-page, glue bound tablet perfect for drawing, doodling, ink testing or turning into your own creations.

The back of the Col-o-ring FOLIO tablet

At the moment, the Col-o-ring FOLIO will exclusively be available on Big Cartel and, as a result, only available for US and territories shipping.  My apologies to our international customers but the shipping is prohibitively expensive.

Interior of the Col-o-ring FOLIO with the cover folded back


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