Notebook Cover Review: Roterfaden Taschenbegleiter

Back in June when I went to a work convention, I wanted a somewhat slim, not too heavy notebook cover so I could carry a utilitarian notebook to record meetings I had, notes to myself and such. At the time, I had Ana’s Roterfaden Taschenbegleiter in a stack of items to try and review. So I added a Midori notebook and headed out on my way.

And that Roterfaden was gosh darn handy, and fun too! The inside felt pockets were perfect for business cards, swag and other accoutrement. The pen loop was perfect for adding an inexpensive fountain pen. The metal tabs that secure the notebooks in place weren’t bothersome to me at all in writing. Overall it worked great!

Except when Ana saw me using it she remembered how much she loved it and asked for it back. What’s a girl to do but order one of her own? The Roterfaden Taschenbegleiter isn’t an inexpensive proposition. JetPens carries a few of the standard models in professional (read: a little boring) colors for between $120 and $180 depending on materials.

However, if you want to design your own, you can do that at the Roterfaden website. (Be sure to select EN at the top if you’re not a German speaker for an easy English translation!). The Taschenbegleiter comes in a variety of sizes (small, medium and large) which include A5 and A6. There are a variety of covers: leather, suede, recycled leather, and my personal favorite: danceflooring. There is a design your own option which offers you lots of choices on covers, interior felt colors, extra pen loops, elastic colors, additional pocket features and engraving. It’s easy to click through the menus and assemble the one you want, within their parameters.

There are also a variety of other fun combinations that they’ve put together. For instance, I chose the Taschenbegleiter – DL_22 in a size medium (approximately A5) with a cover made out of a purple printing blanket and an interior of magnolia felt. Apparently I entered my pink and purple phase in my mid-40’s?

Buyer beware – if you choose to order from Roterfaden directly it does take a bit to arrive. Mine took approximately 2 weeks to ship, and then another 2 weeks or so to find its way to me. I had a tracking number, and never doubted it would arrive, but it’s definitely not overnight (although they might have that as an option). I will say though, Roterfaden added in lots of cards, info and a bit of swag including a pencil (destined for Ana of course) declaring it Mein Roterfaden!

Now I guess I need to buy more A5 notebooks to put inside?

DISCLAIMER: The items included in this review were purchased with my own funds for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. I like your color choices. I used to play with the configuring page when you could design more sizes. They had dance floor for the alternative to leather. I’d design an A6 size for Field Notes. At the price then, I was never quite happy with the color choices.

    This year, I finally decided all my Field Notes needed a good place. I looked at the configuration page, no A6. I looked at the models for purchase. Then I looked for a Roterfaden Taschenbegleiter, and found an old dance floor version at a Canadian website. I ordered it, and it is not the colors I used to play around with. It’s Pigeon blue with gray felt. And I don’t mind a bit.

    How do you like the printing blanket cover? Is it sturdy?

  2. I looked at the website after posting here, and the configuration area is back to letting you configure 3 sizes, but dance floor is only available with the small size now.

    Thank you for the reply on the printing blanket version. The one thing that makes these covers look different is the clip side is wider than the side with the band. But that not a big deal.

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