Ink Review: KWZ Prairie Green, Galen Leather Exclusive

The Washington DC show was an amazing place to be this year – many people have not seen one another in two years and the reunions were everywhere. This did, however, lead to shortages on popular items at the show. One of these was a new, exclusive ink from Galen Leather, a KWZ ink that sparkles called Prairie Green. Thank you to Galen Leather for giving me a bottle to review!

This is an ink that can be ordered from their store, though! So if you missed out on Prairie Green, take a look at the color and order online. The ink sells for $15 for a 60mL bottle.

As usual, the KWZ ink comes in a dark brown glass bottle, packaged in a simple white box. I’ve noticed that the normal faint vanilla scent is not present in this sparkly ink or it is so faint that I can’t detect it.

I inked up a Wing Sung 698 with a fine nib to really push the chance of the ink clogging in the pen. The demonstrator barrel is a huge plus – I love watching the particles inside.

I allowed the ink to sit in the pen for two days before writing this entry, again to see the extreme limits of the ink. I did need to dip the nib in water to get the flow going again, however, once I did that, the ink had no problem.

Prairie Green has two colors – the ink color is a green gold that looks perfect for the name.

It also has a brilliant, bright gold sparkle that is visible at the correct angle.

The ink color is close to KWZ Green/Gold, but slightly less yellow. Birmingham Arugula is a great match.

Prairie Green looks even closer to KWZ Green/Gold when the sparkle shows. You may notice that there isn’t much sparkle in the writing on the Col-o-Ring card below – I swatched the card without shaking the bottle again which led to non-sparkly writing. I have not run into the same issue while writing with a fountain pen.

Cosmo Air Light paper:

Cosmo Air Light paper at the sparkle angle:

Tomoe River paper (old):

Tomoe River paper (old) at the sparkle angle:

I don’t know if KWZ has ever created a sparkly ink before – I have never seen one. Let me know in the comments if you have knowledge of one! I am enjoying playing with Prairie Green this week; it is a great color and so sparkly. At $0.25 per mL, this may be the best priced sparkle ink currently on the market – I highly recommend ordering some soon! I will be reviewing additional Galen Exclusive inks in the near future, so check back soon!

DISCLAIMER: Some items included in this review were provided free of charge by Galen Leather for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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