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Pelikan Hubs 2022

There had been a good deal of speculation over the last few months whether Pelikan would continue its Hub events. Rumors of Pelikan suffering serious financial losses during the pandemic only fueled those rumors. But clearly, despite those rumors, Pelikan is going ahead with their worldwide Pelikan Hub event which has been on hiatus since 2019.

If you are interested in attending an event in your area, sign up ASAP. Pelikan only leaves the Hub sign-up list open for a couple weeks to get an idea of how many people might be in attendance in each city. Then Hubmasters — all volunteers– must find a location and organize the local events. Pelikan provides banners, inks and some other goodies which must be shipped all over the world so there’s a lot of planning that goes into the events.

If you are in the KC area, I did volunteer to be the Hubmaster again for 2022. I was the Hubmaster in 2019 but I am pretty sure Pelikan only allows people to be Hubmasters twice before bestowing the honor to a new person. If you’re interested in being a Hubmaster, there is a Facebook group that can help you plan and organize your event. You are also welcome to email me if you would like my perspective. Heck, if you’re feeling motivated and want to be the KC Hubmaster, I’d be happy to turn over the crown!

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News: Pelikan Hubs 2022, It’s Back!  (via The Pelikan’s Perch)




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  1. You were an amazing Hub Master. I signed up for the KC Hub, but highly doubt I will be able to attend. I’m the solo caregiver for my Mom. I don’t think I can be away for 4 hours including driving. I hope some kind KC Pen Club member will pick up my swag bag. Unless I find a way to go that is.

  2. Those groundhog videos are really charming. Chunk is clearly a girl, though! And given the loads of groundhoglets after the partner shows up, I would imagine Nibbles is a boy.

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