Product Review: Ink Lover’s Soap

I set up this post before I realized that this product is no longer available. So, please don’t be mad at me. Instead, let this inspire you to seek out locally produced soap makers and ask if they can craft a soap for artists and other folks who end up with a lot of ink and paint on their hands. There are also a lot of handmade soaps available on etsy so you might just find something you love there.

This bar, called The Original Ink Lover’s Premium All-Natural Soap has a light scent and a waffly texture on both sides which helps with scrubbing ink off your hands (or wherever you end up getting ink on you).

Yes, my bathroom is PINK. Is anyone surprised? Focus! Look how lovely and sudsy the soap is.
Ah, the joys of being a lefty. Ink all over my knuckles.
Ignore the chipped polish and notice how much cleaner my hands are!

I won’t go into too much detail into this soap since it’s not available any longer. It was a gift but it did bring up the joy of handmade soaps. My skin felt clean but not dry after using it. It definitely made me want to seek out more handmade soaps both for inky hands and for general use. I know a lot of people favor liquid or foaming hand soaps for their convenience but I like being able to use up the whole bar and have no additional plastic waste like a bottle or refill container.

Is this me turning into the old “back in my day” lady? Whatever… I want to save this planet and I’d be happy to do it, one handmade bar of soap at time if I have to.

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  1. I use the old fashioned “Lava” soap with a brush. It does not get all of the ink out, but about half of it. I would love to know if other people have ideas for this.

  2. I personally love this soap and is still sad it’s no longer available. I think there’s definitely a market there for this soap in the artist/pen lovers community. Hope the original makers or other artisans would take the opportunity to make and sell online.

  3. This looks like a great soap, and I personally like to use hand made soaps which are pretty easy to find lately. However I got this tip from my calligraphy teacher: baby wipes take off the worst ink stains, even India ink and Sumi ink.

  4. The big questions:

    Why did they stop producing it?

    What’s the recipe for anyone interested in making it?

  5. I discovered this soap just before the company went out of business. Then I found Pacha Soaps’ exfoliating cubes, which were even better, but of course they’ve stopped making them now. I hope if I keep asking, they might offer them again. Camamu Soap out of Portland, Oregon, has Get Dirty Gardening Soap, which works pretty well, though isn’t quite as scrubby as the others.

    I find the Lava soap works effectively, but it leaves my hands dry and cracked. The others didn’t do that.

    Anybody else found any other soaps that work?

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