Giveaway: Enigma Blanks Limited Edition Purple Striped Jellyfish Fountain Pen

If you read the epically long review of the Enigma Blanks x Shawn Newton x Custom Nib Studios Purple Striped Jellyfish Eastman Fountain Pen with Reverse Architect Nib, then you know what this post is all about. Yep, Enigma Blanks is letting us give this gem of a pen away. So… for all you folks who might not make it to the San Francisco Pen Show to have a chance to purchase one of the 23 of these pens left to buy, this giveaway is for you!

This giveaway is for the PEN only. The ink and notebook that would be included in the set will not be included in the giveaway. Pen includes converter, packaging, stickers and certificate of authenticity.

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below and tell me your favorite sea creature. Play along and type in something. It makes reading through entries more interesting for me, okay? One entry per person.

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  1. My favorite sea creature is definitely the sea lion. I often went to the New England Aquarium as a kid and the show with the sea lions was my favorite thing.

  2. My favorite sea creature has got to be the Octopus. It comes with its own ink supply and that sounds like a win-win situation to me! Honestly though, they are very intelligent creatures and I think we as humans underestimate their cleverness.

  3. Aloha Ana! Once again, I will say this is one of the nicer pens I have seen, at least for my love of pink, blue and purples and in this case, all in one pen! As for you question about my favorite sea creature, I would have to say the Honu or Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle. Mahalo for all that you do for the fountain pen (and related items) community. Thomas

  4. I used to collect starfish on the Maine coast between the rocks when I was younger in my family had property there. It was a favourite walk of mine and our property was right and the beachfront which was even better every house had a name. Our property had the big house, the little house,and the Folly which was the middle sized house where we stayed. Mr and Mrs. Seagull lived on top of the barn… My favourite find while walking was starfish… And the even rarer Chinaman’s hat shells.

  5. My fav sea creature is maybe the lantern fish. I think that’s what they’re called anyway. They’re a little creepy and live way in the depths of the ocean. But they’re still kind of fascinating in a way!

    (Thanks for the giveaway, as always!)

  6. My favorite sea creature is the dolphin, who have an appetite for fish and poisonous sea snakes!

  7. Picking a favorite sea creature?! That is a tall task. I have multiple:

    The Giant Phantom Jelly – watch the MBARI YouTube – absolutely stunning creatures
    Sea Otters – adorable
    The Siphonophore – it’s fun to say…

    I can keep going. I won’t. But I can.

  8. Favourite Sea Creature – Dolphins! I spend a lot of time out on the water and love when dolphins swim alongside the sailboat I am on- just for fun.

  9. My favorite sea creature is the orca. I was just watching a documentary last night that featured a group of orca that had figured out who to hunt seals by deliberately beaching themselves at a particular beach where conditions would allow them to easily get back into the water. This wasn’t an instinctual behavior, but something that had figured out and then taught to others!

  10. I had the opportunity to do some kayaking in Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area Reserve, and Haida Heritage Site this summer and was fascinated by all the marine life we saw. I don’t know if I had a favourite but I did love the jellyfish.

  11. I’ve always loved sea turtles and will never forget the time we saw them while on vacation in Bermuda!

  12. I have always loved octopuses. The Giant Pacific octopus is so intelligent and cool!

    I also love whales and am luck enough to get to see them somewhat regularly. I have a knack for spotting them, sometimes even while driving on 101.

  13. Difficult question! But probably sea otters, which are some of the coolest animals on THE PLANET. Thanks for the opportunity; y’all are the best. (:

  14. My favorite sea creature is the frogfish. They are tiny, hide well and are sort of the puppy dogs of the sea.

  15. My favorite sea creature is the seahorse because the male does all the childrearing. Second favorite is the blue crab because “Yum!” Beluga whales and octopuses also rank high.

  16. Angler fish are my favorite! So weird and sinister looking. Second would be the Blob fish, how sad to float around the ocean and be stuck with the name Blob. They look so sad and well, blobby. I wonder if the Angler fish bullies the Blob fish. There’s a Pixar movie in there somewhere I’m sure of it!

  17. My favorite sea creature is the octopus because they are smart, mischievous, and clever. I also like that there are stories and research into whether they are originally alien life forms come to earth many millennia ago. That and their deepwater habitats give them an aura of mystery.

  18. Star fish are one of my favorite sea creatures, found all over the world in different colors and sizes. Jelly fish can be deadly. The most deadly found in the south sea and other tropical oceans are box jelly fish. One sting may kill a human in a few minutes after contact.

  19. I am fascinated by Horseshoe Crabs. Did you know they are considered “living fossils “ due to fossil records related to them dating back 480 million years. Just walking an east coast shoreline , you may find the upper shell of an ancient sea creature. Amazing to think about!

  20. Sea creatures are fascinating! I love jellyfish, and sea stars, and octopus, and sea isopods, and orca…so many!

  21. Jellyfish are lovely to observe. I find them very relaxing – so long as they are not in the same waters as me!

    I was at a 3D IMAX once and in the middle of the movie, you find yourself surrounded by jellyfish…who were mating or laying eggs or some other kind of reproductive thing. That was uncomfortable. There are some nice YT videos out there of just jellyfish, chilling on the water surface, however.

  22. Sea turtles! Love turtles. I have a small collection of different mediums depicting turtles.

  23. Thank you for the giveaway! My ABSOLUTE favorite sea creature is the ocean sunfish (Mola mola). It’s the world’s heaviest bony fish – sharks are cartilaginous – and is such a ridiculous and fascinating creature. It can’t close its mouth properly and somehow grows over a ton in weight on jellyfish alone. I saw two while on a whale-watching tour and was almost more excited about them than the whales. I love them so much.

  24. My favorite sea creature: it’s a toss up between the mandarin fish and the octopus. The mandarin fish is this incredibly colorful fish with vibrant colors that look like they were applied by someone who likes to doodle. It’s hard to explain, but they have fins that are a brilliant blue, and the rest of the body… Google it if you have never seen one.

    The intelligence of the octopus is enough to make me love them. I saw a video a lab recorded in an attempt to find out who was stealing crabs out of their crab tank. Both the crab tank and the octopus tank were sitting on a counter. They used the crabs as food for the octopus, but then they started having unexplainable losses of crabs.

    The clever octopus waited until all employees of the lab left for the day. It then learned how to lift the lightweight lid of its tank, leave the tank and slide over to the crab tank. It would get in the crab tank and eat his fill of crabs. But it didn’t just stay there. It slid back over to its own tank, putting the lid in place. No one though the octopus could be the culprit until they saw the video they left overnight.

    At a large aquarium (can’t remember which one), a woman who was the caregiver for the giant octopus. She went on vacation and when she returned, the octopus actually grabbed her, lifted itself out of the tank and hugged her. I’m actually opposed to killing octopus for food. They’re sentient beings and I value their lives.

    Anyway. Oh, and are you aware your blog entry says these comments for the giveaway have to be submitted by July 22?

  25. I love cuttlefish because they are a cool shape but also change colors SO FAST and are just fascinating. But I also love jellyfish because they are so mesmerizing to watch, very soothing and zen…

  26. Because I love horses, my favorite sea creature is the seahorse. They swish their tails so gracefully, and they can be found in many different colors – they can even be multicolored, like this amazing pen!

  27. Cephalopods are the best. All the crazy colors and so smart. Although jellyfish come in at a close second.

  28. My favorite is the sea star or star fish. It is amazing that they can
    Regenerate arms if needed. The pen is beautiful.

  29. The octopus is my favorite sea creature. Who knew such an animal would be so highly intelligent?

  30. Funnily enough, my favorite sea creature IS the jellyfish. At aquariums, the jellyfish exhibits are my absolute favorite – especially the comb jelly I saw at the Monterrey Bay exhibit, which looks like it has a shimmering rainbow constantly flowing down its body.

  31. Ooohhh all the pretty colors! This is definitely my aesthetic. Thank you for the giveaway!

  32. If we’re talking Animal Crossing sea creatures, probably the moon jellyfish. In real life, I am always happy to see dolphins – at a distance! Too close, and I run out of the water, even if they are my favorite!

  33. I’m going to go with horseshoe crab! (This has something to do with Animal Crossing, but they are really cool in real life too.)

  34. Krill! So tiny but so abundant and they can emit light, too. Plus they can live for 10 years or more.

  35. Since I received this post on August 18 and it says entries (comments) must be posted by July 22, I imagine I am not in the running. My favorite sea creature is the sea horse because it is a horse, my favorite animal from my horse-crazy days of childhood.

    My favorite pen is a Pelikan fountain pen with a medium tip gold nib. I’ve been writing and drawing with it for decades. Think of all the disposable pens I have not wasted.

    I enjoy this blog for all things desk related. Thanks. Sallie

  36. The kraken is of course the coolest.

    Otherwise octopi are all amazing in different ways and some are cool colours

  37. As Elvis Costello sings. “There’s so many fish in the sea…” and indeed there are, but I think my favorite would be the The Striped Bass. Great to catch, great to eat, relatively abundant. Second would be (but it’s not a fish) would be the common clam – Clam Cakes, Clam Chowder, Clam Fritters, Steamed Clams, Clams Casino, I could go on forever! LOL

  38. My favorite sea creature is the manta ray (pancake of the sea)! Because their faces look like :] if you ever see them sticking to the glass in a display.

    My runner ups are moon jellyfish (super pretty and cute) and sea cucumbers (the ones that look like they have bunny ears are sooooo cute and fuzzy looking).

  39. The octopus! I read the book The Soul of an Octopus a few years ago and it was fascinating! Not only are they incredibly intelligent and masters of camouflage, but they can taste through the suckers on their tentacles.

  40. My favorite would be the Red Handfish. It prefers to walking along the seafloor instead of swimming. Not only does it look like a strange mashup of creatures, but the look on its face also almost screams that it is an angry old soul, not happy with anyone including the photographer!

  41. Extra points for reading the fine print and catching the typo?

    “ FINE PRINT: All entries must be submitted by 10pm CST on Monday, July 22, 2.”

  42. My favorite sea creature is the nautilus. It looks so ancient in a way that few animals do, and makes me feel as connected as I could feel to that unfathomable past.

  43. My favorite sea creature is the starfish. They are cute and mysterious and Everytime I see one I imagine it speaking to me like Patrick Star

  44. I love whales! Especially the big baleen whales, like blue whales, humpback whales, and right whales.

  45. My middle name is Wallace and an old friend used to call me Walrus, so that’s my pick. My kids are big fans of narwhals (which I thought were mythical creatures until I was in my 30s), so that would be in second place.

  46. Actually my favourite sea creature is not even a sea creature. But she could be. Because as soon as our dog Princess Zelda gets wind of the fact that we are going to the beach we can barely contain her. And as soon as we are near enough to the water she can’t wait to jump in.

  47. Oh gosh, favorite sea creature? Well, sea horses are cute, jellyfish photograph really well but I don’t want to go near them. I guess dolphins because they are so darn smart!

  48. It’s too hard to pick just one favorite sea creature, so I’m going to go with the one that isn’t as popular as the others: moon jellies. The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History has an aquarium with moon jellies that I could just sit and watch for hours because it is so calming to watch them floating.

  49. So many choices! Can’t go wrong with an octopus, as my Inktopus collection will attest, but I am not seeing much shark love in the comments so far, so I am gonna go there. Sharks are awesome— so much diversity, and they’ve been around a very long time. The blue shark is a really pretty blue that would be a great ink color!

  50. Do penguins count? If they do, then it’s penguins! If they must come from the ocean, then the Umbrella Octopus. I only recently discovered them and they’re such adorable blobs!

  51. What a dreamy pen! My favourite sea creature has to be the octopus. They look so odd, but are unbelievably smart. I love that!

  52. Is the July 22nd a typo? If it is, then here is an entry my favorite has always been the Orca.

  53. I love love LOVE cuttlefish. They change colors to match their surroundings (and also as a form of communication). It’s chameleons, but cuttlefish can make the change in a second. ALSO, they can modify their skin’s texture, which further helps them match their surroundings. They’re cephalopods, like the octopus, so they also make an ink that has a variety of uses, and cuttlefish ink is pretty complex. It was the source of sepia pigment in the classical era. So flippin’ cool.

  54. I love Green Sea Turtles. I am not sure how to time travel and submit this answer by July 22 since it is already August 18th. Please forgive my tardy entry and grant me forgiveness.

  55. I’m guessing you mean August 22 because July 22 would be difficult without my time travel machine. As for sea creatures I love watching whales off our coast

  56. Sea otters. The very first long family vacation we took with our daughters, we went to Monterey. They were very little then. We sat on the pier and they used their crayons to draw what they saw. My youngest showed me her picture of “Ella” in the bay. Why she chose Ella, I don’t know. It was the first time they’d seen an otter and it stuck for both of them. Two weeks ago, we took our first post-Covid long vacation—to Monterey—and visited, not the otters, but “Ella.” And now the oldest starts college. So, yes, otters and Ella are very special to me.

  57. Picking just one sea creature is tough, but I once saw rays jumping out of the water and doing flips near the Galapagos and that was one of the coolest things ever

  58. Emma Eel, your local moray eel speaking. Just saw Ed Kim trying to type out a comment about why I am his favorite sea creature — he’s a lawyer, so it makes sense he is drawn to me (slippery, snake-like with a nasty bite.) I also think the fact I live a misanthropic existence by myself in an underwater den is also part of it. Lastly, neither Disney or Pixar have yet to anthropomorphize the hell out of my sisters and I.

  59. My favorite sea animal is the moon jelly. I just love watching them slowly move through the currents. So beautiful!

  60. Choosing a favorite sea creature is like choosing a favorite child! Harbor seal? Seahorse? Sand dollar? Octopus? Dolphin? Jellyfish? Don’t make me do it!!! =)

  61. There are so many fascinating creatures in the sea, but I’ve long been drawn to the spotted eagle ray. Thank you!

  62. My favorite sea creature is the sea dragon. It’s a type of sea horse. I think this creature may be from another planet. I mean, just look at it!

  63. I gotta go with sea horses because they look so unusual, but mostly because the fathers cafre for the young!

  64. My favorite sea creature is a beluga whale. I love the way they swim so effortlessly.

    Fingers crossed for the giveaway. I’ve been eyeing this pen on Newton Pen’s insta for a good while and am moderately obsessed with it. I so wish I could find a way to SF to see it in person.

  65. My all-time favorite sea creature is Opabinia regalis, a tiny Cambrian oddity. Favorite currently living sea creature: the giant isopod.

  66. My favorite sea creatures are dolphins. Boring, I know. But they are so beautiful, graceful, and playful.

  67. My favorite sea creature is the sea turtle. I am particularly fond of the hawksbill variety.

  68. Haiku Favorite Sea Animals

    I am torn
    To chose but one sea creature
    Many fish – but one pen

    Chicken of the sea?
    But tuna comes in a tin
    Seems too much like spam

    Salmon – my health fish
    Smoked, grilled, chilled, schmeared, but maybe
    That’s the wrong approach

    See the lion fish swim
    But not that close up but watch!
    Sting your tush – goodbye

    I do love dolphins
    Smile, jump, but why are veggies
    Sold in those nettings

    Large powerful force
    A whale, or is it my dear
    Old Aunt Agatha

    My choice – the great whale!
    Blue, sperm, orca, gray, Narwhal
    Oops – different pen

    But the whale it is
    Breach, feed, dive, make some music
    Stay far from Ahab

  69. I think the sea urchin is hard to beat from many perspectives – its colors and form are pretty amazing and when they are dried they look beautiful in a totally different way. According to Wikipedia, they were originally called sea hedgehogs and urchin is an archaic name for hedgehog. And who am I to question Wikipedia?

  70. Going a different route than most here! I would have to say red drum. Growing up we would camp on the beach, go surf fishing, and reel them in and eat them. They provided great memories and good eating!

  71. I love the nautilus. Their just weird and can either float around or propel themselves by shooting out water. Their shells are also a great example of the Golden Ratio in nature. Just cool little dudes.

  72. Oooh pick me please!!!! Saw a post about this pen the other day on this site. They got it from the Atlanta Pen Show. That was actually my first pen show If I would have seen this pen, I would have definitely scooped it up but I am glad that I got a Darail Penz pen and a Franklin-Christoph 45.

    Anyway, my favorite sea creature is the cuttlefish. I love how they can change colors and can pulsate. It’s really cool to see in person! I bet they could mimic this pen with no problem! Plus, who doesn’t like an animal that makes their own ink.

  73. Does it have to be a real sea creature? Because. if not, I’d be a big fan of the kraken. For actual sea creatures though, the horseshoe crab is a pretty good one. Quite the survivors, horseshoe crabs are.

  74. My favorite sea creature is the Green Sea Turtle because my wife and I helped a bunch of hatchlings into the ocean on vacation in Costa Rica a few years ago.

  75. I am a cephalopod fan, but by far my favorite sea creature would be the horseshoe crab that I collected and tank raised in 7th grade
    It was the size of my thumbnail when I found it in my net. And when I released it back to the ocean it was the size of the palm of my hand and had outgrown my tank!

  76. I’m a fan of cephalopods and sharks.
    Two of my favorites are the Vampyroteuthis infernalis, (Vampire Squid from Hell), and the Epaulette Shark.

  77. I am a shark fan – they are ancient creatures of the deep. Just imagine the stories they would tell if they could put pen to paper!

  78. My son’s first birthday party was narwhal themed, based on Ben Clanton’s Jelly and Narwhal books, so I still find myself partial to narwhals. Also a big fan of sea otters though!

  79. My favorite sea creature is the octopus – I love the way they move, how smart they are, and how they can navigate tight spaces to get where they want to go.

  80. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway. as for my favorite, I’d have to go with the narwhal…what I fondly refer to as the unicorn of the sea, because (of course) unicorns are my favorite land creatures…or grow up PLEASE!

  81. what a beautiful pen! thanks for the giveaway! my favorite sea creature is definitely the hammerhead shark. they just look so goofy that I can’t help but find them adorable.

  82. I didn’t see my original comment so I am making another just in case.

    My favorite sea creature is the Cuttlefish. It belongs to the cephalopod family and they are SO COOL!

    The colors that they are able to produce are so cool. I got a chance to see one in real life at the aquarium and it started pulsating black and white. Who doesn’t like an animal that makes it’s one ink .

    I hope I get picked! I saw the review for this pen a few days ago and fell in love. I would have seen it while at the Atlanta Pen show this year. I purchased a FC-45 and a pen from Darail Penz so it was a good haul. But if I had seen this one…

  83. Thanks for the chance to win!
    My favorite sea creature would be sand dollars, they are so fun to find.

  84. Yesterday I learned of the dwarf sperm whale. It has a very interesting defense/escape method. It squirts out some blackish red ink from underneath its tale. I had no idea this animal existed. Its very cool that it does, though.

  85. Thank you for this giveaway; Mr. Newton makes beautiful pens. My favorite sea creature is the Octopus. Particularly The Blue Ringed Octopus which is highly venomous and spends a great deal of time hiding. Their rings flash a warning when they are provoked, but their first instinct is to flee, not bite. A tiny, shy beautiful creature with enough power to quietly take out 26 threatening adults makes up part of an interesting and complex set of characteristics. It sort of reminds me of Francois-Marie Arouet.

  86. I love the nautilus. It’s just so cool to see floating around. Its shell is also a great example of the Golden Ratio in nature.

  87. So many good sea creatures to choose from. Should I pick seals? Or that particular plankton with bioluminescence that makes the ocean sparkly? With this pen in mind, I choose that.

  88. Might be a bit broad but I did always like siphonophores. They’re just so varied and different from what we see up here, it’s pretty fun! I like how they’re colonies of animals that have different functions! So neat! (I guess best well known one is Portuguese Man o’ War? Soooo cool!!)
    I also love jellyfish too. This pen is very beautiful, I think it encapsulates the beauty of them!

  89. Favorite sea creature? Obviously the whale shark. Love those big guys cruising along with the big .O. mouth.

  90. I was just at the beach with my family and a jellyfish stung my niece, so they’re definitely not my favorite, though I do love watching them on the Aquarium livestreams.
    Dolphins are so much fun to watch as well, though we didn’t see any this year.

  91. Reading so much about plankton recently that it’s impossible to choose anything else.

    Even the name – zooplankton – is fantastic as it comes from the Greek word for “wandering.”

    Love the idea of whole ecosystems floating on by and touching everything else around them, a core part of the ocean ecosystem, but also of the planet. And the variety is astonishing!

    p.s. huge thanks for this giveaway!

  92. Hello! I can spend hours (and I have) just in the Jellyfish zone in the aquarium. My favorite is the moon jelly, since they have a really cute pattern on their dome! I like jellyfish so much, that dress a little like one too. Think big, fluffy, bell shaped skirtys and floaty fabrics, and you’re right on the mark. Thank you!

  93. Tastiest sea creature is the shrimp. Love shrimp.
    But my favorite sea creature is the Clownfish. You can thank Finding Nemo for that one….

  94. That pen looks amazing! From the beautiful material through to the reversible nib, it’s absolutely gorgeous, and reminds me of one of my favorite sea creatures: the peacock mantis shrimp! They’re believed to have the most complex eyes in the animal kingdom; I wonder what this pen would look like to them?

  95. My favorite are jellyfish, as long as I’m seeing them in an aquarium and not up close in the wild. They are eerie and beautiful. And I’m fascinated by giant squid because they are still a mystery in many ways to scientists.

  96. The jellyfish Pelagia Noctiluca. I have been in awe of It since I saw an illustration of a glowing specimen in an enciclopedia as a child.

  97. I love all the large baleen whales, like blue whales, humpback whales, grey whales, etc.!

    (Tried leaving a comment a few days ago and it hasn’t shown up, so I’ll try again—just ignore this one if the previous one does end up getting through!)

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