Link Love: Double Issue Edition

The trip to Dallas was a whirlwind. The Dallas Pen Show is the only show I attend that is just two days. We set up Friday morning and the show runs until 8pm on Friday, then reopens on Saturday and goes until 5pm. Then we pack up afterwards. So, while there is the advantage of having Sunday for return travel, I felt like the walking dead for most of the show because the hours, to be on your feet, are LONG. Working with Dromgoole’s was fun and a different experience but I miss hiding behind the ink towers at the Vanness tables. Hopefully, next year the ink towers will return.

For an introvert, despite how much I enjoy talking about pens, ink and paper, 12 straight hours on Friday are debilitatingly exhausting. Luckily, I was able to spend much of Sunday afternoon, once I got home, sound asleep on the couch.

The other downside of such a busy, packed show is that I had no time to walk around and shop. I came home with exactly ONE BOTTLE OF INK. Seriously.

And NO PHOTOS. I know the rule, pictures or it didn’t happen but I promise you, it did. My raspy voice from too much talking is my only proof.

As promised, we have two weeks worth of links to share today. Hopefully none of it will feel like “old news” quite yet.




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