A Mess of Kawecos: Introducing the Blue Iguana to the Collection

I’m not even going to call this a review because I’m not sure what differentiates all the Kaweco AL Sports I seem to have in my collection as truly separate writing instruments. Remember when I shared my new Kaweco x Hello Kitty in Opal Green I mentioned staying tuned? Well a limited edition Blue Iguana ($92,Jet Pens) joined the collection late last week.

I’m not precisely sure why I find these to be my Kryptonite. I do love the weight of the metal versions in my hand (as opposed to the regular sports which are lovely as well). I love the metallic shine on the barrel and the rich array of colors they come in. The AL Sports start at around $75 for regular editions, which doesn’t put it out of range for me to have multiples. Of course the special editions are a different story, but yeah.

One of the interesting things I’ve done is to purchase different nibs over time. The Blue Iguana is an Extra Fine nib which is just a little on the small side for me, but isn’t too scratchy. The special Hello Kitty editions were only offered in Fine nibs. Somewhere on walkabout is a Vibrant Violet that is a Medium nib. I’m going to have to investigate that one. And the Deep Red is a Broad nib. So I do get to enjoy the pens in an array of sizes. I guess the next one has to be a double Broad?

Kawecos come standard with cartridges, but there is a converter if you so choose. I’ve purchased two, and use them now, but I figure I’ll finish up cartridges and then refill with a syringe in the future. Clearly I’ve gone with “signature” inks in my Hello Kitty Kawecos because I love matching a slightly darker ink with the pastel body. I’m not sure what I’ll do for the others – Blue Iguana makes me want to find my best orange ink!

I love these pens for their aesthetic but also because they write nicely and, even more importantly, reliably! Even if I don’t write with them for a week or two, they’re ready to go when I pick them back up. I’ve taken them on travels and had zero trouble with them. They’re the perfect pocket pen, purse pen, journaling pen, and more. And due to the faceted cap, they don’t roll away from me!

Have you tried Kawecos? What do you think?

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  1. OMG. If you continue with this love-fest for these K-pens, I may have to break down and try one out.
    The difficulty is that I am so put off by their look that I cannot imagine actually trying to use one.
    I should have learned my lesson about first-pen-impressions with the TWSBI Eco. I disliked cheap feeling pens, had an equal dislike for demonstrators, and non-cigar shaped pens. So now the Eco is the pen I reach for when I want to enjoy writing. I should have learned the lesson then.
    What color Kaweco shall I get…

      1. It is perfectly ok. What I was trying to say was that my biases are not things that I should rely upon. Do not be sorry, I was trying to thank you for the push.

  2. I have a Sport but think it’s too short for regular use. I use mine for highlighting with a bright color. I really like Kaweco’s Perkeo, which has both the barrel and the cap faceted. It works well without the cap for quick notes also.

    1. I can totally see that. I’m 5’3″ and I have small hands so small pens work for me, but the Perkeo is a great length too. Oh if they only made them in metal!

  3. I LOVE me some AL Sports! I, too, love the hefty feel of one in my hand. And having somewhat small hands, I like small pens in general. I favor a BB nib mostly; they’re great for showing off my inks. I know I own at least a dozen of these little gems. And when the Iguana Blue came out, there was no question I had to have it – it’s my favorite color! Right now I have mine filled with Edelstein Apatite ink; it’s a pretty good match. Since it’s a somewhat dry ink, the BB nib helps it flow more generously. Great review!

  4. Have 2 normal Sports (fine and medium) and the Brass with gold nib (fine). The Brass is my daily driver/writer, EDC, whatever. With Pelikan and Lamy, Kaweco is one of the best in terms of being affordable and most pen for the money.

  5. My little plastic Sport is my favorite pen – I’ve been debating buying the Iguana Blue though, because it’s so pretty! Your post may have just convinced me :p

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