Link Love: Is it Thursday Already?

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Somehow, I completely misplaced Wednesday. It happens sometimes. Things get a little chaotic and BOOM! I forget what day it is and when sense returns, I am stunned to realize I misplaced a whole day. I blame it on a rift in time. At least we remembered to put out the trash last night. That would have caused a much bigger stink than being a day late on Link Love, right?




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  1. That trove of Desert Island Discs is astounding! Thank you SO much for the link. As someone who grew up with this on the radio (now abroad) it is a real throwback, and the spectrum of people featured is incredible.

  2. I thought maybe, what with that rift and all, I should remind you it’s World Space Week every October 4-10. I started a thread on Fountain Pen Network about it.

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