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It’s been a while since our original post talking about our favorite ink and stationery related podcasts. We decided we have enough that it was time for Inky Ears to get it’s own page!

Since our last post, we’ve become aware of the following podcasts:

As The Pen Turns: Hosts Brad, Jason and Jonathan create a podcast made by pen makers for pen makers and pen enthusiasts as well. If you’ve ever had questions about what goes into the Bespoke pen making process this is a place to get those answers!


Fountain Pens & Stationery: Frank and Collins discuss their love of fountain pens and stationery.




The Goulet Pencast: Brian Goulet and Drew Brown of GouletPens.com talk about all the fountain pen things that pen fans love. They talk about what’s going on at The Goulet Pen Company, what’s new in the fountain pen world, there are interviews with people in the fountain pen industry, and lots of jokes and fun segments to keep you entertained and maybe even educated about fine writing and fountain pen-related products.


The Pen Noobs: Hosts Jika and Ryan say, “We’re just two pen noobs, standing in front of the pen and stationery community, asking them to love us.”



Stationery Adjacent: Join Stuart and Justin for a podcast at the intersection of analog and digital technology.



Take Note: Ted Walker and Adam Webb met during a five-week writing program when they were seventeen. They haven’t lived in the same city since — but they have been friends for twenty years. Take Note is their conversation about notebooks, attention, parenting and appreciation for the poignant and preposterous possibilities of any given moment.



As always, if we’ve missed anyone, please let us know in the comments – the more podcasts to enjoy, the merrier!

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  1. Thank you for this, I’m not a regular podcast listener so having a list is very hepful.

    Just a question: Are there any female-hosted podcasts?

    1. That’s a good question. The Nib Section out of Australia had a female cohost, but is no longer running. I haven’t heard of one – I’ll have to do more research.

        1. Tokyo Inklings is in our big list for sure but Words and Roses is a new one we will definitely have to check out.

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