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Artisans and pen enthusiasts in the international pen community, spearheaded by Jon Tello of HelloTello Studios, have created products to support a charity auction, raffle and shop, the Scripting New Stories Collective (SNS Collective). The project was announced on EU Anti-trafficking Day, and is a project to raise funds for the Alba Safe House & Recovery Program, a non-profit organization that serves survivors of sex trafficking in Italy, to change lives for the better.

Many members of the pen community have contributed products for the auction, sale and raffle that will help fund this venture. The Scripting New Stories Collective (SNS) will launch on Friday, Oct. 21. The fundraiser will run through Sunday, November 13, 2022 and the goal is to raise $25,000 to support The Alba Safe House & Recovery Program which serves survivors of sex trafficking in Italy. Alba House provides refuge including long-term housing, restorative care, and tools for reintegration into society. Alba House is the sole beneficiary of any fund raised by the SNS Collective. The SNS Collective is honored to support the work at Alba so that survivors can script stories of hope and freedom for their lives.

The SNS shop will have limited-edition products available for immediate purchase with all proceeds going to Alba. The raffle promises a variety of items allowing participants have multiple chances to win. Exclusive, high-end, items will be listed in the auction for bidding.

Some of the artisans who have provided products for the SNS Collective include:

  • Amarillo Stationery
  • Anderillium Ink
  • Dave Dollar Custom Pens
  • Divine Pens Plus
  • Good Made Better
  • GW Pens
  • Hardy Penwrights
  • Hooligan Pen Co.
  • Hellotello Studio
  • Hinze Pens Co
  • Jason Neil Penworks
  • John Albert
  • Carolina Pen Co.
  • London Pen Co.
  • Mayfair Pens
  • Mad Science Pen Co.
  • Mythic Pens
  • Newton Pens
  • Nib Tailor
  • Nib Grinder
  • Pen Realm
  • Pen Sloth
  • River City Pen Co.
  • Starry Night Resin
  • Tesori
  • Turnt Pen Co.
  • Vanessa Langton
  • Writeturnz



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  1. “Meet Your Maker – Tim Crowe, Turnt Pen Company”

    Hmmm… turnt [turnt] adjective Slang.

    extremely stimulated, wild, or excited, as from the use of drugs or alcohol (often followed by up):

    We’re all gonna get turnt tonight.

    It had to be the most turnt up music festival in history!

    Beautiful pens but consider the “Turned Pen Company” instead of “Turnt Pen company”. Also, I require clips on my pens. Even an accommodation clip is better than nothing. Finally, I know it’s not everyone’s choice, but I prefer gold-tone furniture and nibs.

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