‘Tis the Season for Advent Calendars – What’s your catnip?

I grew up in a Jewish household and didn’t celebrate Christmas until I became an adult, so as a kid I didn’t experience the fun of advent calendars. While traditionally created to celebrate the 25 day countdown to Christmas, I think today’s advent calendars can be fun for everyone. Basically, I think they’re a great excuse to give yourself a little treat leading up to the holiday season and the new year, and after the last few years we’ve had, I firmly believe in treating yourself! So, today I’m highlighting a few fun stationery-themed advents, and a few more that I think are fun for everyone.

For Stationery Lovers:

Diamine Inkvent: For the third year in a row Diamine has put together their ink lovers’ dream advent! Included with each InkVent are 24 small (12 mL) bottles of fountain pen ink behind each “door,” with a larger (30 mL) bottle behind the 25th door. Pre-order yours now because they will sell out!





25 Days of Stickii: Are you a sticker lover? Then this one’s for you! Each advent comes in a beautifully designed box with an opening on one side for easy access to 25 envelopes. Available, as always, in Stickii’s three iconic styles: Cute, Vintage, &Pop. These cute advents are on sale for early bird pricing through October 31st – don’t dally!



Martha Brook’s 24 Days of Stationery: Now in its 5 year, this gorgeous advent from the UK includes 24 items of stationery inside enticing foil embossed boxes that have been designed to look like a row of colorful books on a shelf. From a personalized notebook to a 2023 calendar, a set of correspondence cards, luxury pens, gold stationery accessories, and an assortment of chic paper goods, each day offers something different to be revealed and enjoyed!



Not into stationery? No problem!

Bird & Blend Tea Advent: Launched in 2016, this advent is a favorite for tea drinkers! This year the magical advent comes with TWO teas per day – double up on your fun. Available in regular and decaf, this might be the perfect gift for cold weather sipping.




Bonne Maman Jam & Honey Advent: Who doesn’t love jam? Bonne Maman packs a new jam or honey in each day for a deliciously sweet December.




Other Good Ideas:

If you haven’t seen something that’s quite your catnip (you know, the thing you enjoy the most that you can’t get enough of!) we’ve got a few other ideas.

  • Check out what your favorite brewery is doing for the holidays – oftentimes they’ll have an advent or special limited edition.
  • We hear rave reviews about the Aldi Wine Advent which isn’t out yet for this year!
  • Got a favorite hobby? There are a million and one yarn and sewing advent calendars, both from indie  makers or bigger brand names.
  • Love beauty products? Try the Body Shop Advent, L’Occitane Advent or your favorite perfume or makeup brand or retailer.
  • We covered tea already, but coffee is always a popular choice!
  • Love Legos? Grab your favorite fandom and enjoy the Lego fun!

Did I miss anything cool? Please comment below and tell me what your favorite advent or holiday calendar is each year!

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    1. Oh, Joe! I can’t decide if I like the Around The World or the Japanese set best! Would it be bad to get them both?

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