Fountain Pen Day Giveaway!

In honor of Fountain Pen Day, we have a not one but FIVE sets of products to giveaway.

Walk Over Vistula is a deep blue ink with sheen and Sheen Machine lives up to its name. It’s a deeper blue with a very visible reddish/purple sheen. KWZ Inks have a distinctive vanilla-ish smell that folks either love (me) or hate (Jesi) — just so you know.

Each set includes:

  • One (1) bottle of KWZ Sheen Machine
  • One (1) bottle of KWZ Walk Over Vistula
  • One (1) Col-o-ring, Col-o-Col-o-dex or OVERSIZE (winner’s choice!)

So, each of our FIVE (5) winners will win 2 bottles of ink and their choice of Col-o-ring, Col-o-dex, or OVERSIZE.

Special shoutout to our Patrons who made this giveaway possible. And thanks to Cary and Fountain Pen Day for helping to bring the love of fountain pens to the attention of the world.

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below and let us know what, if anything, you’ve purchased on FPD AND if you want a Col-o-ring, Col-o-dex or OVERSIZE as your paper option. Play along and type in something. It makes reading through entries more interesting for me, okay? One entry per person.

If you have never entered a giveaway or commented on the site before, your comment must be manually approved by our highly-trained staff of monkeys before it will appear on the site. Our monkeys are underpaid and under-caffeinated so don’t stress if your comment does not appear right away. Give the monkeys some time.

FINE PRINT: All entries must be submitted by 10pm CST on Tuesday, November 9, 2022. All entries must be submitted at, not Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, okay? Winner(s) will be announced on Wednesday. Winner(s) will be selected by random number generator from entries that played by the rules (see above). Please include your actual email address in the comment form so that I can contact you if you win. I will not save email addresses or sell them to anyone — pinky swear. If winner does not respond within 5 days, I will draw a new giveaway winner. Shipping via USPS first class is covered. Additional shipping options or insurance will have to be paid by the winner. We are generous but we’re not made of money. US and APO/AFO only, sorry.

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  1. Oversized please! I don’t think I’m buying anything this year, but I’m excited to start working on holiday cards after work. I still have an old Diamine calendar to go through, so that’ll be fun.

  2. Happy Fountain Pen Day! I ordered six bottles of Ferris Whee Press inks and a Narehal/Narvalhur purple pen.

  3. I added a Twsbi ECO Glow Purple to my collection on FPD. Still looking for an ink for it. I think the Oversize would be a lot of fun! Thanks and Happy FPD!!

  4. I bought a bottle of Noodlers Black Swan Australian Roses. The Oversize is my choice of a paper option. Using a. Jinhao 248 with the ink makes Fountain Pen Day special this year.

  5. My only purchase thus far for fountain pen day is some FPD swag but still eyeing some opus88 pens for purchase today. My paper option if I win, is OVERSIZE please!
    Thank you.

  6. I’ve had my eye on the Pilot Waverly nib for awhile, thinking it might work well for my bizarro upside-downstyle grip. So that’s what I got for Fountain Pen Day – a Custom 912 WA. (So far, that is! Might still splurge on an ink or two later….) ANYWAY, should I be so extraordinarily lucky, and become one of your esteemed Winners, I would love the OVERSIZED Colo-pad. Colo-book? You know what I mean THANKS for being you & for the giveaway! Cheers!

  7. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

    I purchased the Diamine Inkvent 2022 calendar from Atlas Stationers to celebrate. I never watch the “sneak peek” videos revealing all the inks ahead of time — at least 75% of the fun for me is in the daily surprise.

    In preparation for all that swatching, I recently purchased a new Col-o-ring, but I would love to add a Col-o-ring Oversize to my swatching lineup!

  8. My purchase so far has been from The Gentleman Stationer. I got a TWSBI Swipe Fountain Pen (Salmon), Platinum Preppy Wa Limited Edition (Second Series) Fountain Pen in Waves and Cherry Blossom, and a bunch of washi tape. Can’t wait to get them! If I win I’d like an Oversize please.

  9. I haven’t purchased anything yet for FPD but I have my eye on a couple of inks…

    I would love the oversize!

  10. Col-o-ring! I would love that! On a previous FPD, I purchased a Diplomat Arro on that lovely burnt orange color, as well as several inks, though I don’t remember which one.

  11. Ooooo, what an opportunity! I haven’t bought anything on FPD but now I wanna go play with some ink and the amazing blotting paper I have from y’all. (: I would like OVERSIZE Col-O-Ring, please and thank you; I’ve been hankering after that since it came out.

  12. Planning on getting the Inkvent calendar for all those new inks and would love a Col-o-ring to swatch them!

  13. I didn’t purchase anything today (yet), but did get my first Sailor pen a few weeks ago- one from the Fairy Tale series 🙂 I would like a Col-o-ring! Perfect for ink swatches. I just finished up a mini col-o-ring recently! Happy FPD and thanks for the generous giveaway!

  14. I have never actually bought Stationary supplies on FPD. Though I do need some of that high sheening ink. Wow!
    I also would like the larger Col-o-ring. I want to draw in it. Thanks.

  15. Thinking about a Lamy 2000 and should order today so that I can use it on my OVERSIZE Col-o-ring, which would be my preference (and thank you). May buy some other things with the winnings I expect from the Powerball jackpot drawing. I put it in my planer so that means it has to happen.

  16. I’ve never bought anything on FPD that I know of, although I do often look. Generally I forget it’s coming and have recently made a purchase. Sigh.

    I’ve never tried KWZ inks, and have wanted to! This is an exciting giveaway. I love the Col-o-ring, and mine is almost full, so that’s what I would choose – another Col-o-ring to add to the one I have!

  17. I’m a sucker for sheen! Trying not to buy anything and instead will choose a random ink sample from my stash to play with. And can’t go wrong with the classic Col-o-Ring 🙂

  18. So far I’ve just gotten some stickers and washi tape from InkyConverters on Etsy. I may also end up buying another Schon Dsgn p6 before the day is over, though! Colo-dex, please!

  19. I haven’t purchased anything yet… I might look into some ink samples. I’d like a oversize col-o-ring. Thanks.

  20. I ordered a Pelikan Twist this FPD in Fiery Red. Excited to try out this pen. I would like the oversize col-o-ring.

  21. Going to purchase a Benu pen and also three different kinds of loose leaf fountain pen papers to use to do the Inkvent 2022 calendar event with. I would go with the large color ring pad

  22. I haven’t bought anything for fpd… yet. Oversized- I like the binding on the top to keep everything together

  23. I love the Col-o-ring. – I think I bought something frome WAD at a tradeshow. But it was along time ago. I don’t remember the item. But I am a huge fan. I read most blog posts from begining to end and click through the interesting links.

  24. Would love to get a Col-O-Ring. Haven’t purchased anything (trying to control spending!), but may have to splurge today. So many new inks!

  25. I haven’t purchased anything today. Going to a fountain pen show tomorrow, will be celebrating a day late. Would love the col-o-ring.

  26. I am going to get a Twsbi ECO Glow Purple once I figure out how to write in the dark so I can enjoy the glow! I would love the oversized Col-O-Ring – I write big. Thank you!

  27. I’m eyeing another Platinum Procyon. Not the most popular pen but I really like it. And the oversized col-o-ring. Thanks.

  28. I got my hands on my first Visconti pen today to celebrate Fountain Pen Day! I also caved and got the new Diamine Inkvent Calendar. I’ve been searching all over for an Ink Journal, but haven’t found anything yet. The quest continues! The Col’o’ring Oversized notebook looks cool.

  29. I love Fountain Pen Day!! I have already purchased 3 inks and 1 fountain pen. The classic Col-o-ring would be a great addition as I still have not swatched all of my inks. Thanks!

  30. I have a Col-o-ring but I’ve had it long enough that I can’t remember if I bought it directly from WAD or another retailer. I love it, either way! And it’s getting close to full, so I’m considering a new one. 😉 If I do win, I’d like an oversized Col-o-ring. I haven’t purchased anything for FPD yet; I’m on a tight budget and it’s always hard to decide!

  31. Original Col-O-Ring. I bought some Troublemaker ink from Flax Pen to Paper a week ago so I’m not really into buying more this week.

  32. Happy fountain pen day! I’m going to order the InkAdvent calendar. I saw it last year after Christmas and decided this year I’m going to get it. I’d love the Col-O-Ring if my name is drawn.

  33. I finally ordered my “ultimate” pen; a Reverse Predator custom nib from Mark at Nib Grinder (whom I learned about through your blog). I was hoping to have pen in hand on FPD but alas I must wait another week. Oversize, thanks.

  34. Just ordered two Sailor Yurameku inks – Yoi and Kyokuya. Your swatches of the various inks was so helpful in deciding which to sample, and then which ones to order. We’ll see what else I end up ordering today. A Col-o-ring would be awesome.

  35. I didn’t order anything today but I am planning a holiday purchase for myself. I would love the oversized! Thank you for the chance!

  36. My wife has a rule that we’re not allowed to buy ourselves anything after Nov. 1, otherwise there’s a risk of kneecapping holiday gift lists. So, I haven’t bought anything on FPD, but I have looked wistfully… Maybe I can sneak a bottle of ink this afternoon.

    I have a Col-o-Ring, so the Oversize would be a fun new thing.

  37. I purchased a Diplomat elox and also a vintage Conklin crescent filler. This is after I promised to not buy any more this year. Oh well, there is still Black Friday to resist!

    If I win – please, please, let me win – I would prefer the oversize but would be happy with any of them.

    Much thanks for all of your giveaways…more so if I win this time!

  38. I’ve finally gotten my hands on a new Visconti pen today! I’m so excited to try it out. I also broke down and bought the new Diamine Inkvent calendar for this year. I’ve been searching for a new ink journal, but haven’t found one yet. The search continues!

  39. Haven’t purchased anything yet, but I have my eye on a Gravitas Pocket Fountain Pen. If I won, I’d love the Col-o-ring. Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. Got a Narwhal Nautilus Fountain Pen! I can’t wait to ink it up! The colors you are giving away would be prefect for the new pen! It is always a joy to get a new fountain, pen and inks. Lately I have been buying vintage pens and restoring them that has brought me great satisfaction to see them in working condition. It is also fun to share them with others who are just starting to use Fountain Pens. One of these was a friend’s son of 11 who was so excited to try an older fountain pen.
    The col-o-ring would help me categorize my inks.

  41. I hadn’t planned on buying anything (womp womp). BUT I got a great deal on some Benus at Pen Chalet. They will be my first Benus. I’d be interested in the Col-o-ring

  42. Hello, HFP Day. I haven’t ordered anything yet, but there are some items I’ve been drooling over and will be buying soon! I’d love to have the Oversized notebook!

  43. No purchases here, Oversize please. I love purples and blues, so great choice for Pen Day prize!!!

  44. I didn’t order anything, but FedEx just delivered my first Platinum 3776 to my house a moment ago. I got it in Laurel Green and Gold with a medium nib. Can’t wait to ink it up!

    Oversize please!

  45. I haven’t purchased anything today, at least not yet. I need to start thinking / prepping during the lead-up to these festivities. Cool selection of inks – I like the purple tones of Sheen Machine.
    The Oversize Col-o-ring is most appealing.

  46. This FPD I did purchase a couple of new fountain pens I’ve been curious about for great prices, but the greatest purchase was a Christmas present for someone I pen-abled that had been hard to find until now. 🙂

  47. I bought a bunch of stuff this morning but my favorites are my first Pelikan M200 and the Diamine Ink calendar. I would like the OVERSIZE please if I win.

  48. Thanks for always doing some fun giveaways! First, I already use the col-o-ring, but would love to add another (because I’m always adding new inks). Thus far, I’ve kept it slow on Fountain Pen Day, purchasing Vaness Pen’s special ink release and a bottle of Vespar Blue ink by Vinta Inks. I’ve not found any pens that intrigued me enough to buy right now (probably because I’ve had too many coming in to my hands the last few weeks anyways), but it’s Fountain Pen Day, so I had to get something – so I picked up one Pen Boutique’s Mystery Boxes just for fun. That’s it for now . . . but it’s still early.

  49. I bought two aluminium color Kaweco Al Sports with Classic Black Clips plus cartridges for my daughter and her boyfriend. If I could pick I would like a Col-o-ring (so cool, I’m ready to start one).

  50. I got the FPD Mystery Product from Pen Boutique, excited to see what turns up. I’d love the Oversize. Thanks for hosting this giveaway, and happy FPD!

  51. I didn’t purchase anything this year
    I have a lot to use up
    The Oversize Col-o-ring sounds like fun,

  52. I got the new cerulean blue TWSBI Eco, it’s beautiful! And I think I’d have to choose the col-o-ring

  53. Happy Fountain Pen Day! I will be putting together a set of Leonardo and Cypress pens to share with the fountain pen community at the end-of-year Cambria Virtual Pen Show – hope everyone here will join the fun! 😀 I’ve never seen the “Oversize,” it looks really nice!

  54. My niece has developed a love for writing and I want to encourage it so I’m getting her a TWSBI ECO, a bottle of Aurora Black, a bunch of other samples, a cleaning kit, and a couple Clairefontaine notebooks for Christmas this year. If I am one of the winners of the giveaway I’ll probably give her a sample of each KWZ
    ink and the Col-o-ring as well, which means I’ll have to make her a sample stamp and throw in some cotton swabs as well.

  55. I went over to Galen Leather and shopped for a case to make my pens feel appreciated on FPD. Would love the Oversized!

  56. I have plans to buy a Monteverde Regatta Sport Demo Rainbow…and still checking out deals for TWSBI and others. Also Ferris wheel inks will likely be coming to me!!

    Ring please!!

  57. Okay, for FPD my heart desires a fountain pen with a gold nib. I have my eye on a Platinum pen. I may go for it tonight…Col-o-ring!

  58. I have never purchased anything on Fountain Pen Day, because I usually make stationary purchases on a whim without any real planning. I would go with the oversized!

  59. Well, last month I swore I wasn’t buying any more ink after getting to 100 bottles. A week later, I bought two more. I’m a sucker for a wax covered bottle. So for FPD I resisted. Although I did buy two bottles -one of a nice Irish whiskey, and the other was a good bourbon for making Old Fashions (again, a sucker for wax covered bottles). But I wrote with one of fountain pens! Would love to try the Oversized. I have two of the Col-o-rings and love those things.

  60. I’m purchasing some ink from everyone’s fave purveyors of pen/paper/ink/shaving goodness -Vanness Pens! If I win , I’d like a regular size Col-O-Dex. Please and thank you!

  61. I own three Col-o-rings, so I’d want an Oversize. I went to the Ohio Pen Show today. I bought a Pelikan Cafe Creme M200. Also bought some stickers from @randomthinks. And a #blackpensociety pin. A pretty restrained haul for my only pen show of the year! Thank you for this giveaway!

  62. I just got home from work, so I haven’t checked out the sales yet to see if there is anything I have to have. Inks with lots of sheen are my absolute favorite so I’m very excited by the chance to win 2 bottles! I would love the Col-o-ring.

  63. Oversize please. Just got a Sheaffer Balance vintage pen and it writes better than most modern pens. Gold nib, Sheaffer Lifetime is very smooth and wet. Pen is small compared to new ones, but it is just large enough to handle with comfort.

  64. I love the inks with sheen and since I have the standard size col-o-ring I would like to have oversized col-o-ring.

  65. I didn’t order anything for FPD, as I have a bunch of pens I need to ink at the moment. I’d like an OVERSIZE if I won.

  66. Oversize, I think. I wasn’t going to buy anything for FPD, but somehow the stars and discounts aligned just right and I have a Benu on the way.

  67. I haven’t bought anything yet! 😀 But there’s still time!
    I think I would like another OVERSIZE I love that thing!

  68. Fountain Pen Day was, miraculously, New Pen Day! Vintage Esterbrook arrived!!! (Jesi, we need to talk!) Would love to try the oversized Col-o-Ring. Thank you for the chance to win these goodies, Ana. Trust you and your readers are having a very Happy Fountain Pen Day!!!

  69. Happy FPD! Purchased a few Kobe inks I’ve had on the wishlist for a bit – 54 Goshikiyama Ocher and 43 Gakuen-Toshi. No new pens, trying to use the ones I have more.

    Col-o-ring looks great.

  70. I was very weak during FPD and bought a spare Lamy Z58 nib (rose gold). My scientific excuse is that I have to compare its feel to the regular Z55, as maybe to get rose gold they added more copper in the alloy which will impact the springiness of the nib. Totally legit purchase, no? Except a real scientific comparison would have needed a Z56 nib (the Z55 has a breather hole, Z56 and Z58 don’t)…but that will be for next year!
    Oh, and Oversize please!

  71. No purchases yet, but I do keep wandering to the Gravitas website…This is a fantastic giveaway, and I’d love to add a Col-o-ring to my collection. Thank you!

  72. Thanks for another great giveaway!

    On FPD itself I didn’t but anything, but inked up a vintage pen (Sheaffer Snorkel) to celebrate, using Sanford Penit Washable Blue ink.

    A few days earlier I bought some ink samples and some empty ink bottles from Goulet. I use the bottles as bud vases and am on a mission to get a huge variety of brands/shapes/sizes. They had in-stock some bottles I didn’t yet have, fortunately.

    The Col-o-ring, please.

  73. Still choosing colors on a Diplomat Elox, but leaning toward the new green Matrix. Endless Pens’ discounts on the Leonardo Mosaicos are tempting too.

    I just discovered some unused rolodex files in the supply closet, so I could actually make good use of the Colodex cards.

  74. So much ink for me – a slew of samples and bottles of Ku-Jaku, Monboddos Hat, Tokiwa-Matsu, Yonaga, and Manyo Shirakashi. I’ll definitely need a new Col-o-ring!

  75. Oh my gosh! I keep going back and forth over the different models at Franklin Christophe. I would really like one of their fountain pens, but I am looking at their larger models, and I am having trouble choosing which one to get. I could use the Col-o-dex! It’s about time I start swatching my inks.

  76. I might’ve done a thing and bought myself a Scribo Feel that I’ve been lusting after for a few years. And I’d love an Oversize, please.

  77. I bought some more ink for FPD. Considered getting some KWZ but ended up getting a bottle of Fire & Ice to replace a sample.

    Thanks for the giveaway! If I should be so lucky to win, I would like a Col-o-ring.

  78. I haven’t bought anything yet but I’m shopping! hahaha Love the colors of the sheen machine inks! If I win, I’d like the OVERSIZE please!

  79. Happy FPD! Thanks for hosting a giveaway! I’ve been eyeing the ink stamps, and I would use a Col-o-ring to start swatching all my inks!

  80. I haven’t bought anything from your shop as of yet, but I’ve been lusting after the vintage blotter paper and air mail envelopes for far too long! As for the Col-o-products, I’d have to go OG with the Col-o-ring.

  81. I haven’t bought anything for FPD yet… but have been wanting to buy a new EF nib for my Lamy pen for awhile. Both of those inks are lovely! I would love the oversized too!

  82. This year’s Fountain Pen Day included an on-line order of notebooks and inks and a brick and mortar purchase of a pen for my daughter. I would use a Col-o-ring for recording the ink swatches. The glow purple TWSBI charges really fast with her UV nail light.

  83. I got an opus 88 minty in orange. It got a flex nib. Also got PR shimmering Orange. I’d get the standards col o ring

  84. col-o-ring please…this was our first fountain pen ink day and we spread the love…we shopped at six different online shops…picked up 7 fountain pens and a rollerball and lots of ink samples. We’re still in the ink sample stage after picking up fountain pens again this year after a 17-year absence.

  85. Thought a Lamy Safari in Terra Red would make a nice EDC pen. Paired with a bottle of PI Takesumi. I’d need a Col-o-ring to log the inks!

  86. I didn’t buy anything for fountain pen day. I’m just picking up fountain pens after years of not using them. I’d love the OVERSIZE. Thanks!

  87. I picked up some ink and a pen wrap from HelloTello at the Ohio Pen show this weekend. I’d go with the oversized col-o-ring. Thanks!

  88. I, uh, may have gone a bit overboard on FPD. I bought three pens and 5 bottles of ink. And some accessories/nibs for customizing the pens. I think I’d probably go for the Col-o-dex cards. I don’t have a rolodex anymore, but this seems like a good reason to get one.

  89. Finally got my fingys on a Mark Twain crescent filler a bunch of ink and a twsbi with which to penable a coworker this FPD. Amongst other things that I regret having shipped to the house cause now I have to hide the boxes and pretend this hasn’t taken over my life.
    That oversized col=o-ring who-haa looks interesting

  90. This was the first time I participated in FPD. I saved for months and bought nearly every pen and ink I had on my wishlist all at once. Somehow that seemed like the logical choice. I really should index all those inks in a Col-o-Ring, that would really come in handy right about now. Shipments coming from across the US, Asia, and Europe. Right now it’s a battle to see whose makes it to my door first. Hopefully my ink doesn’t freeze!

  91. Bit the bullet and ordered the red version of the Benu Skulls and Roses 🙂 If I am lucky enough to be drawn, the oversized col-o-ring would be fab.

  92. I ordered the Stilo I Stile ink. It’s such a pretty color!

    I’d love a colo-ring if I win!

  93. Hello! I went to the Ohio Pen Show this weekend to soak up all the fountain pen vibes! I had a nib smoothed and three pens repaired on site, bought a Pilot decimo in Harvest Gold F nib, a vintage burgundy Sheaffer Snorkel pen, and a bottle of Pelican Edelstein Adventurine ink. I also tested many pens at the Pilot table, from an 823 to a Namiki with MSRP $2000! If you have the opportunity to go to a pen show I highly recommend it! Such a great experience. I use the col-o-ring for my ink samples, so that is my preference.

  94. I couldn’t make up my mind, and ultimately didn’t order anything, but I did point my husband in the direction of the Galen Leather sale in hopes he would acquire the notebook cover I’ve wanted for Christmas 🙂

    If I was lucky enough to win, I would love the oversize col-o-ring!

  95. I’ve unfortunately not been able to purchase anything. I would choose the oversized so I can swatch for various watercolor purposes, drawing, and writing on the same page.

  96. Fountain pen day is close to my birthday so I did not buy anything this year for fear of buying something that will be a present! I would love a Col-o-ring, my current one is nearly full !

  97. I was really restrained this Fountain Pen Day, right up to the point where I wasn’t. The first of my two new pens arrives today. I would love to win a Col-O-Ring to swatch those inks into, and thanks for the giveaway!

  98. The Co-lo-dex would be so much fun to have! I haven’t bought anything for FOD but I have full carts on a few fountain pen online shops and I’m about to pull the trigger on a new Plaisir thanks to your post.

  99. I bought the Diamine Inkvent calendar on FPD. And also my Kaweco Liliput came that day! Great FPD this year.

    I would love the oversize if I win!

  100. I purchased a morning bun and an apple slipper at Ada’s Café in Palo Alto. In fountain pen news, I’m enjoying Diamine Monboddo’s Hat in my TWSBI Vac 700R Iris. When I first got it, I didn’t think it was purple enough, but it is nice as an everyday ink, clearly purple, but not overwhelming.

    Col-o-Ring, please.

  101. Got a new leonardo soft nib to replace the extra fine I’m not so sure of. I can always use another Col-o-ring

  102. Pen boutique got me with their FPD mystery box sale. I don’t know what I get, but I know I’ll love it! I also know I would love Col-o-ring… Just sayin…

  103. We sell our own brand of ink swatching books (which I would like to give you a copy for review, if you like) but I would like the mini book if I were to be chosen. I didn’t buy anything on FPD but I looked hard at inks and pens at Goulet. We spent the weekend at a 24 hour gameathon for children’s miracle network and I didn’t have time to pull the trigger.

  104. I got a couple of pens from Gravitas and some inks from Endless Pens. I just filled up my first Col-o-ring, so another one would be timely!

  105. Regular would be my jam!
    I LOVE Walks Over Vistula, it is one of the first ink samples I got from a friend when I got back into fountain pens and it’s such a cool color. Sheen Machine is a thick heavy ink, if I won I would make a gift of that to someone despite its beautiful sheen.
    I actually didn’t buy anything, I had just placed a big order including the Inkvent calendar and was feeling quite satisfied. Maybe today counts – I spotted a LAMY 2000 with a B nib on Virtual Pen Show for a cheap price and have been quite curious about that pen so I jumped on it.

  106. I haven’t yet bought from the store. I would like the Col-o-ring–bound ink swatch cards make me anxious, because I want them in color order, but how do I know how my ink collection will evolve?

  107. Who doesn’t love a great shimmering ink? I love FP and ink, althought I’ve never purchased from FP. I have so many pens on my wishing list, but am holding back….well, trying too.
    As for sampling set a good ring of colors fits in here. I do the same for my watercolors. I don’t know WHY I’ve never thought of doing it for all my inks. What a great idea!

  108. Hello! Never enter in giveaways cause the few times I’ve done it never won anything. But here I am…

    I love FP and have a few in my collection, but never bought from here. The reason for me to posting this comment is I felt in love instantly with Walk Over Vistula… so even if I don’t get it, I’ll buy it.

    Thanks for all your posts! Makes my feedly colorful 😉

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