Ink Review: Ferris Wheel Press Twinkling Tea Party

Ferris Wheel Press has added another ink to the FerriTales line that tells the story of Alice’s adventures through Wonderland. The newest ink is Twinkling Tea Party and seems to be perfectly timed for the holiday season.

Twinkling Tea Party, like all FerriTales inks, comes in the most adorable bottle – a miniature version of the full size Ferris Wheel Press bottles. They always look like Christmas tree ornaments to me.

Twinkling Tea Party is a medium forest green with a medium to light amount of rose gold sparkle.

The swatch of ink shows plenty of shading, but I didn’t see much in writing. I did, however, see a touch of a dark red to black sheen in writing.

Tea Party is close overall to Vinta Piloncitos, but is bluer. Diamine Classic Green or Diamine Mistletoe is closer while the sheen is close to what you would find in Sailor Epinard.

I was surprised to see how much blue showed up on paper. Tomoe River (TR7) paper gives lots of the dark red sheen. The rose gold sparkle shows nicely in writing which is much darker than that on the Col-o-Ring card.

Midori MD light paper isn’t as blue and doesn’t show as much sheen. The sparkle is well-balanced here.

As usual, on Cosmo Air Light paper, the sparkle is out of control. Also, the base forest green almost pushes into teal territory. Blue undertones on Cosmo Air Light are turned up to 100.

Twinkling Tea Party is the same price as the preceding FerriTales inks – $21 for a 20mL bottle. While this is on the high side for ink at the moment, it is far from the most expensive. Alongside a bright red ink, this would be a fun choice for holiday cards. Do you sign your cards with holiday colors?

DISCLAIMER: The ink in this review was provided free for the purposes of this review. Please see the About page for more details.

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