Yarn and Ink: What’s in that pink?

It is now mid-November which means two fundamental things:

  1. I will forget that I need to take pictures early in the day, meaning they’ll now be badly (or artificially lit). You’d think after 44 years on earth I’d remember that fact, but every year I repeat the mistake.
  2. November is NaKniSweMo. For a little history you can read more in this post from last year, but this means Ana and I are furiously knitting new sweaters in the month of November.

Since it’s already November 15, my knitting is actually starting to look sweater like. This year I opted for a somewhat simple striped pullover. I bought the yarn, a gorgeous blend of merino, cashmere and nylon, on my travels earlier this year (The Yarn Club in Virginia Beach if you’re ever in the neighborhood) and I’m on track to finish. Which means I can now stare at my project dreamily as I knit, loving that indescribable magenta/purple (called Sexytimes) and that fun speckled yarn (called Sugar Magnolia) and bask in the color.

So in my few hundred ink samples, I’d have to have a few that matched right? Well…. not exactly. It turns out this is a very specific shade of pink, and I don’t quite have anything that matches it.

My Colorverse inks (Purple Cosmo from Dromgoole’s and #09 Opportunity) seem to be some of the best matches in terms of intensity and tone. PenBBS #258 and Bungubox L’Amant pick up some of the shading but aren’t quite the right hue. Noodler’s Cactus Fruit Eel was one I thought would be a sure winner (and gritted my teeth because that ink took days and days to dry on the sample card) but it doesn’t match either. And Pilot Iroshizuku Yama Budo and Califolio Andrinople are, if you’ll believe it, too red/pink? What IS a girl to do?

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