Fountain Pen Review: Pelikan Classic M205 Apatite Fountain Pen

Teal and turquoise are among my favorite colors, so when I saw the Pelikan M205 Apatite, it was an insta-buy (approx. $149.23 via Appelboom). I preordered early and waited for a while and last week it finally arrived!

There’s not a lot to say about the M205 that we haven’t already said in the past:

The Pelikan M205 comes with a resin body, and trim in a variety of colors. They chose silver trim with the Apatite, and I think it’s a great match – blue and silver is so classy. The Pelikan M205 is a piston-filled model so no options for cartridges, but especially in the demonstrator body I think that adds interest. My inaugural fill was with a sample of the Pelikan Edelstein Apatite ink, made to match the pen! The only thing to know about Pelikan, particularly if you like finer nibs, is that Pelkans are definitely Western nibs, and often err on the wider side. They are available in EF, F, M and Broad; I chose a fine nib this time.

Pelikans are a great, albeit wet, writing experience. In playing with in the last week or two, I’ve really enjoy the fine nib. It’s wet enough to be very smooth (without being scratchy), but also fine enough for my tastes. Overall, I love the color of the Apatite and I’m always happy to add another bird to my effin’ (Pelikan) flock.

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  1. I love your effin’ bird calendar! Birds with attitude. And I love the M205 Apatite! The ink is a perfect match. I also ordered mine early, I think in September, and I just got it a few days ago. I tried the ink in another pen as well and found it to be a tad on the dry side, so it’s a good thing Pelikans are wet writers. I got mine from Classic Fountain Pens ( and Monica ground my Broad nib to a beautiful stub. I have stubs on lots of my Pelikans; they all just seem to want to be stubs. They do it so well!

    I also love teals and turquoise; this Apatite is just about my favorite color of all time. And that color is soooo pretty in a demonstrator. This pen is destined to be a daily writer for me.

  2. No comment about the calendar except, “Where did you buy it?” I want one.

    I also got the Apatite with fine nib. Like all these M20X “Ink of the Year” pens, it’s a good writer; very reliable and holds a relatively large amount of ink. I did NOT care for the fact that they omitted the silver trim ring on the cap finial this year. I think it cheapens the appearance a bit. I’ve thought about trying to find an old cheap used M205 and swapping the finials even.

    I couldn’t not buy this one since I have all of these pens going back to the first in the series (Aquamarine (?)).

    1. I bought the Apatite, too. I agree about the omitted silver trim ring on the cap. It does cheapen the look of the pen. I really wish they hadn’t done that. That’s a good idea you have to swap the finial out on it. And wow, you have ALL the pens in the series? Cool. I have several, but definitely not all of them. I only bought the ones I really liked the colors of. I did put 14K nibs on them, though. And most of them are stubs. Pelikans write so nice and wet, they really do well with stubs.

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