Inkmas Day 6: Diamine Blue Peppermint

Happy sixth day of Inkmas! I’m bringing back an ink from the Inkvent past – Diamine Blue Peppermint.

This was the first ink of the first Inkvent calendar – way back in 2019. Remember that time?

Blue Peppermint is a marine blue ink with a bright blue shimmer – every once in a while I  see a touch of red or pink sheen on the edges. The sheen tinges the shimmer a bit purple.

I first inked up a pen with Blue Peppermint that first day of December, 2019 and have had at least one pen inked with it ever since. I’ve never seen the ink clog with too much shimmer in the feed and I’ve never had the pen write without the shimmer being present in the ink. However, I do always use the ink with a broad or stub nib.

I also use TWSBI Eco pens for shimmer inks – the nib and feed can be removed from the pen when cleaning it out. Plus the body of the Eco pens is clear, so I can see the shimmer and watch it swirl.

Because Blue Peppermint is associated with Christmas in my mind, I tend to use it more during this time of year, but I do use it the rest of the year occasionally. Every time I do, it makes me smile!

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