Inkmas Day 8: Colorverse Permanent Black

I had a lengthy discussion with Carol at Luxury Brands about good permanent black inks. As the distributor for both Platinum (known for my beloved Carbon Black ink) and Colorverse, she recommended I try Colorverse Permanent Black ($15 for a 30ml bottle) from the Colorverse Office Series. This collection of inks features those everyday staple inks like standard water soluble blue, black, brown and green as well as a few permanent inks.

While Platinum Carbon Black ($30) comes in an epic 60ml bottle, Colorverse Permanent Black comes in a bottle half the size and half the price. While the ink costs the same per milliliter, not everyone needs 60ml of permanent black ink. Also, over the last few years, Platinum inks have been harder to get than one would expect. So, it’s nice to have a comparable alternative, should you need it.

In writing tests, the Colorverse Permanent Black ink appears to be a good solid black. I had no issues using it in short term tests. I have not been able to fully test the wash-out-ability of Colorverse Permanent Black compared to Platinum Carbon Black (which I’ve had no issues washing out of a pen, even after its dried) but the Colorverse Permanent Black easily washed out of my tester tools and brushes.

As for the water resistance, after allowing the ink to dry for 10 minutes, I doused it in water. As you can see in the sample above, the ink didn’t budge.

When compared to other permanent black inks, the Colorverse Permanent Black does not appear as shiny in the large swatch. Both R&K Sketch Ink Lotte and Platinum Carbon Black appear slightly glossy where the Colorverse looks matte. The tone of the black is also very neutral where the R&K looks a bit greenish in tint.

Overall, I think the Colorverse Permanent Black is a strong contender as one of the best permanent black inks currently available. I stand by my belief that everyone should have a pen with permanent black ink — whether for drawing and mixed media, addressing envelopes or signing documents. Even if you load the ink into a Preppy or other inexpensive pen, having a permanent ink is a must for all fountain pen enthusiasts.

*** all smudges in this review were the result of obnoxious cats and not the fault of the inks. Cats just don’t understand personal space or ink dry times.****


DISCLAIMER: Some items included in this review were provided free of charge by Luxury Brands for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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