Link Love: Dead Week

When I read Austin Kleon’s substack newsletter this week about Dead Week, I knew that would be my theme for Link Love this week. I love the idea that the week between Christmas and New Year’s is a “dead week”. Whatever needed to be done for the year was either completed before Christmas or can wait for the start of the year.

Since I started a new job this fall, I haven’t accumulated any vacation time yet so I am going into the office this week. It’s a bit of a ghost town since most people took the week off to fully embrace Dead Week. Those of us going into the office are living out a different sort of Dead Week where we can only accomplish so much without the majority of the decision makers available to sign off on projects.

Embrace Dead Week. Whether you are working this week or taking some time off, take the pressure off yourself this week to be productive or effective. That can wait until next week. Spend an extra hour in bed or take a long hot bath, drink cocoa for breakfast and eat cereal for dinner.

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