Ink Review: Lapis Lullabies

Ferris Wheel Press has not been shy with the number of new inks they have released recently. Their latest collection, Alice in Wonderland, is part of the FerriTales line and recently concluded with Tears of Sapphire. But don’t worry! A new collection is beginning with today’s ink, Lapis Lullabies.

I do love the detail in the packaging for all of Ferris Wheel Press inks and Lapis Lullabies is no exception. This is the first ink that starts into the tale of Sleeping Beauty, so the heavy bed curtains are surrounded by roses with spinning wheels carved into the bed posts.

As with all of the FerriTales inks, Lapis Lullabies is in an adorable bottle – a miniature version of the full sized inks in the normal ink line.

Lapis Lullabies is closer to a deep sea or dark teal color than a true lapis. The ink has a reddish-copper sheen with gold sparkle added – not unlike Emerald of Chivor (although Lapis is bluer).

The base color of Lullabies is close to Lamy Petrol.

Even the sheen in Lullabies comes close to the same sheen in Petrol.

My writing below is on Tomoe River 68gsm paper in a notebook from Odyssey Notebooks.

I love the more coppery tone in Lullabies’ sheen rather than a bold metallic red.

The FerriTales inks each come in a small, 20mL bottle for $21 at most ink retailers which places the ink at about $1.05 per mL – rather expensive on my charts. It is, however, a beautiful ink for a special treat. As with each of the small bottles from Ferris Wheel Press, I must warn about the small opening – large pens will not fit into it. The largest diameter pen I can fit into the bottle is a TWSBI Eco – this pen is a tight fit. Please keep this in mind when deciding to purchase!

DISCLAIMER: The items included in this review were provided free of charge for the purposes of this review by Ferris Wheel Press. Please see the About page for more details.

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